Discover Thermo-Spot®

Discover the secret of perfect cooking with Thermo-Spot™!

Did you know that preheating your pan is the key to perfect cooking? Much like pre-heating your oven when baking, preheating prepares the pan to produce ideal cooking results.

Built right into the non-stick coating of the pan, Tefal's unique Thermo-Spot heat indicator tells you when your pan has reached the optimum temperature to seal in the flavor of your food.

Before heating, the Thermo-Spot pattern is clearly visible. As the pan heats up, the pattern begins to change. Once it reaches the ideal temperature, the Thermo-Spot pattern turns solid red. That's your cue to begin cooking.

Now, you can sear meats properly for tender and juicy results, and omelets and pancakes cook perfectly on the first try! Whether you're a seasoned cook or just starting out Tefal and Thermo-Spot will help make your cooking experience a pleasure from beginning to end.

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