TEFAL Ingenio Gadgets

Ingenio Gadgets Tefal Ingenio Premium utensils, Make your hands Ingenious!
  • High resistant construction.
  • Each item includes one ingenuity to make cooking easier.

Tefal invents Tefal Ingenio premium utensils

A full new range designed with ingeniuty to make your hands ingenious!

Premium quality products, Highly tested in Tefal France Laboratory and foodstuff certified by international agencies :

  • No BPA, No phtalate, Respect the food taste and smell.
  • Dishwasher safe, No rust issue, No corrosion.
  • High stain resistance.
  • Heat resistant up to 230°C.
  • Robust and durable construction.

As from 1 January 2015, it is prohibited to use bisphenol A in all food containers in France.
Our providers are committed to not using bisphenol A in their manufacturing processes.
Tests on our products carried out in independent laboratories did not detect any migration of bisphenol A into food.
Equally, none of the 6 PHTALATES identified by the European Regulation were detected during these tests.


Safety silicone ring

Protection and non-slip


Dishwasher safe

No rust issue, no corrosion


Heat resistant up to 230°C


High stain resistance

Easy to clean


No phtalate

Respect the food taste and smell


Robust and durable construction

Ingenio® Whisk K2071714

Doesn't scratch your dishes

Stock available
Potato masher K2071214

To prepare all types of puree

Stock available

Stock available
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Pizza cutter K2071114

Can be dismantled

Stock available
Preparation bowl K2070414

Easy to handle

Stock available
Timer K2070814

Can be installed wherever you wish

Stock available
Scissors K2071314

Always useful

Stock available
Turner K2060814

Ideal to turn fish and meat over and serve your preparations

Stock available
Spoon K2060514

Ideal to quickly strain your vegetables

Stock available
Ladle K2060114

Ideal to serve liquid preparations

Stock available
Slotted spoon K2060314

Very practical

Stock available
Pasta spoon K2060214

For easy pasta service

Stock available
Salad servers K2060614

Add a little colour to your salads

Stock available
Kitchen tongs K2060714

Grip without burning yourself

Stock available
Ingénio hand grater K2070714

Allows for grating in both directions

Stock available
Ingenio can opener K2070514

Ingenious and handy

Stock available
Frequent questions
For a long-lasting Ingenio handle, it is recommended:
• remove the handle during cooking when it is not required to prevent it from overheating and ensure its durability,

• overheating the handle can damage or break it. The handle may therefore no longer function correctly and there is the risk that the pan could fall and you could burn yourself. If you notice any heat damage to the handle it is advised that you do not use it and you should replace it with a new one.

• wash the handle by hand.
Caution: Never press on the unlocking buttons while handling the pan. Keep the lever closed with your fingers. Refer to the user guide.
The upper temperature limit of the silicon parts is 250℃ so it can be used for cooking. However, if it comes into contact with direct flame because it is not flush on the pot, it may result in the silicon changing colour, becoming deformed or the glass cracking.
Over time this will affect the efficiency of the open/close mechanism.
If you have put the handle in the dishwasher or left the handle on a pan whilst cooking (either on the hob or in the oven), this will affect the efficiency of the open/close mechanism.
The handle cannot be repaired and you will have to purchase a new one. Visit our accessories store.
You must remove the lid before placing the pan in the oven.
You should never use the handle on makes or types of cookware other than Tefal Ingenio cookware. The Ingenio handle has been designed exclusively for the Tefal Ingenio range. If your pan becomes misshapen after a knock or a fall, it should no longer be used and we recommend that you replace it with a new one. If you continue to use the pan ensure that you can still fit the handle securely on the pan and be aware that you will be using the pan at your own risk.
It is a lid used to temporarily store food.
1. It can not be used for heating. Please do not put it in the oven.
2. Please refrain from storing food in it for a long time (a day or more as a rule). Corrosion of the pot body may result in the coating peeling away.
3. Do not leave the seal lid next to open flame.
4. Please do not use the seal lid while the food or pot is still hot.
5. Food products or ingredients with strong colour may stain the product. (Ketchup, curry, carrots, for example.)