Steam Irons

Ideal for quick ironing sessions, steam irons have a built-in water tank. Go for a traditional corded iron or break free with an innovative cordless model. When choosing the best steam irons for your needs, always consider scale maintenance. Hard water means scale is a real issue in the UK, so it's good to know that all Tefal steam irons have a scale solution. Some even feature our patented Scale Collector which captures 10 x more scale particles[1] for effortless crease removal.

[1] Versus a standard Tefal iron – Tefal internal testing, November 201

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Professional Results

If you know how to iron and want excellent results to ensure you look your best at all times, nothing beats the performance of our professional steam irons range.
  • Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9630
    Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9630

    Long-lasting Steam Performance and Hassle Free Maintenance

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  • Freemove FV9965
    Freemove FV9965

    The First Powerful Cordless iron by Tefal. Break free from the cord!

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    The First Powerful Cordless iron by Tefal. Break free from the cord!

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  • Fast & Easy

    Perfect for those who iron large loads on a regular basis for the whole family.

    Control and attention to detail

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  • Ultraglide FV4040
    Ultraglide FV4040

    Power through your ironing with this easy to use steam iron!

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    Safe for all fabrics*. No setting needed, No burning.

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  • Essential

    For those of you who dislike ironing and iron as little as possible, check out our essential range of steam irons.
  • Maestro FV3770
    Maestro FV3770

    Breeze through your ironing in comfort!

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  • COMFORT GLIDE FV2650+51+52
    COMFORT GLIDE FV2650+51+52

    Ultra powerful, the fastest glide by Tefal

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  • ACCESS FV1530
    ACCESS FV1530

    All included for easy ironing

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