TEFAL COOK4ME+ CONNECT CY855840 Connected Electric Pressure Cooker - 6 Portions / 6L

COOK4ME+ CONNECT CY855840 Connected Electric Pressure Cooker - 6 Portions / 6L Fast and healthy meals at the touch of a button 
  • The One-Pot Connected Digital Pressure Cooker - Easy and delicious meals, step by step on your own screen
  • Fast and Healthy Meals - With its 100 built-in recipes, more than half of which cooked in less than 15 minutes*
  • Cook4Me App for Even More Features - With over 200 additionnal recipes to add to your product, and more features such as In my Fridge
  • Family Friendly - 6 Liter capacity, food for the whole family or perfect for batch cooking
  • Set and forget - Automatic pressure release and keep warm function

The one pot connected digital pressure cooker acting as your personal cooking partner!

Simply scroll and click to select one of the 100 built-in recipes – over 50 of which can be cooked in less than 15 min* - and follow the step-by-step guidance displayed on your own mobile/tablet screen, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. You can also download the Cook4me app and access over 200 additional recipes to upload to your appliance, and many more features, such as “Shopping List” and “In my Fridge”. You can cook a complete healthy meal in no time, thanks to the pressure cooking which naturally retains more minerals and nutrients than traditional cooking. You can also select one of the manual modes which include pressure cooking, steaming, browning, simmering, gentle cooking, or keep warm, or select a specific ingredient and Cook4me will cook it perfectly for you! Delay the beginning of your cooking for up to 15 hours later and enjoy the automatic keep warm mode, so your meal is ready whenever you are! Thanks to the auto-adjusting pressure and temperature, and the different safety features such as automatic pressure release, you can spend more time worry-free with your loved ones. Its large 6 Litres capacity for up to six servings makes it family friendly, or perfect for batch cooking. Better still, the bowl and steaming basket are dishwasher safe.


Available on the App Store : iPad 3/iPad mini, Iphone 4S and newer model.

Available on the Google Play : Android 4.4 and newer model.

** Excludes preheating and browning steps

  • The One-Pot Connected Digital Pressure Cooker

    Create easy and delicious meals, guided step by step on your own screen wherever you are in the house!

  • Fast and healthy meals

    With its 100 built-in recipes, using pressure cooking to retain more nutrients, minerals and flavor and to get more time for yourself and your loved ones! 

  • Cook4Me App 

    With over 200 additionnal recipes to add to your product and the "In My Fridge" and "Shopping List" options for better planning and minimized waste!

  • Family friendly

    With its 6 Liter capacity for up to 6 servings,you can easily cook everyday for the whole family or to batch cook for the week!

  • Hassle-free cleaning

    Dishwasher-safe cooking bowl and steam basket for easy cleaning

  • Safety features

    Automatic pressure realease, safety touch handles, hinged lid and condensation collector

  • Add recipes

    Enhance your Cook4Me 'Library' with hundreds more recipes on the free My Cook4Me app

Recipes Using This Product
Power 1450  
Safety lid YES  
Cooking programs Pressure cooking, steam, brown, simmer, gentle cooking, reheat  
Accessories Steam basket  
Dishwasher safe - details Steam basket and bowl  
Technology Bluetooth Low Energy  
Control panel Full color LCD  
Pressure cooking    
Keep warm    
Delayed start    
Bowl thickness 1.8  mm
Bowl layers 3  
Inner bowl coating ceramic coating and hard oxidati  
Removable bowl    
Application My Cook4me  
Bowl capacity 6  L
Safety device for overpression    
Dishwasher safe    
Colours Black and Chrome  

Frequent questions
An Internet connection is required only to download and update the application, and sign in to my account.
An Internet connection is not needed to use the connected feature of your product. There is no need to move your product closer to the access point (Internet router).
If the connection between your appliance and smartphone/tablet is lost during a recipe, the two devices will be automatically synchronized as soon as the connection is re-established.
You will be able to resume your recipe at the step you were on when the connection was lost.
Your appliance can be used without the app. However, only the app will enable you to benefit from the many advantages available when your product is connected.
Bluetooth® must be activated in order to synchronize the app with the appliance.
If you wish, you can link more than one device with the appliance. To do this, link each device independently. However, only one device can be connected at a time.
Place your appliance on a flat, stable surface.
For the best connection between your appliance and smartphone/tablet, we recommend performing all operations requiring a connection at a sensible distance.
If the connection is lost (connection symbol crossed out), move your device closer until the connection is re-established.
If the connection indicator is lit (app or product), your devices are connected.
The application has rich content and requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to download correctly.
If your application does not download correctly, delete it and try to download again when you have a more stable Wi-Fi connection.
During initial installation, the download may take several minutes while the application saves all the photos on your Smartphone or tablet.
Cookies are used for audience measurement and customization purposes allowing us to improve your use of the product.
Audience measurement solutions allow us to analyze traffic, trends, usage and identify malfunctions in order to improve your experience.
Personalization solutions allow us to improve the quality of the information and services we provide and make your experience more enjoyable.
You can accept or refuse the use of cookies when you first launch your device.
Your application uses notifications to alert you at the end of cooking times using a beep.
If you want to turn off this signal, simply deactivate it in your tablet or Smartphone.
You may also disable sounds in the parameter settings for notifications on your telephone or tablet.
Your application uses notifications to alert you at the end of cooking times as well as to send you encouragement or information within the framework of coaching or to update you when new content (information, recipes, etc.) is available.
If you wish, you may deactivate this feature in the application tab "My account", then "My preferences". Uncheck the box "receive notifications".
You can choose not to accept cookies.
However, the grey cookies banner will remain on your screen as long as you do not click on "accept".
You need to enter a word into the search field.
Tip: recipes are found using key words, so it is easier to enter a type of fish (salmon, for example), rather than just fish.
• Check that the opening handle is in the open position before moving the lid to the closed position. (green padlock)
• Check that the nut of the metal lid is quite tight.
• Check that the violet ball cap (located on the top of the S/E metal lid) is in the correct locked position with closed lock.
• If you are at the end of cooking and you want to close the lid, wait until the hot vapours have dissipated before closing the lid.
• Check that you are not cooking, and that the indicator is not on.
• Unplug the product and wait until it cools completely.
• Once the product is completely cool (total absence of internal pressure), insert a rod into the hole located between the opening handle and the silent valve.
Take your appliance back to the store where you bought it.
You must follow the recommended maximum quantities.
Do not use fruits that become frothy during cooking.
• It may be that part of the lid is not positioned properly.
• Apply pressure to the probe in the centre of the central nut to release the lid.
• Ensure that the cover of the decompression ball is in the correct locked position.
• This function is not active in all modes or preparations.
• This function is made inactive by the device for programmed preparation of recipes containing fragile ingredients such as milk, fish, meat, eggs (see instructions page 15). Possible only on some ingredients such as rice, cereals, and vegetables up to 15 hours in advance.
• These requirements are for health reasons, to avoid possible spread of bacteria.
• This does not mean that the outer surface of the tank is damaged.
• To restore the original appearance: using a sponge and a mixture of hot water and white vinegar, clean, then rinse the tank thoroughly.
• Our advice: For greater satisfaction regarding the life of your tank, we recommend manual washing with a mild detergent.

After each use, allow the appliance to cool, then dismantle the cover and its components (valve cover, ball cover and ball) then clean with soapy water. Before reassembly, move the valve to ensure that it is working correctly, and check that the vent below the ball is not obstructed.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair centre.
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
• Check using the instructions that all parts of the internal metal lid are present, properly in place, and clean.
• Check that there is sufficient liquid in the cooking vessel.
• The quantity of water in the tank is insufficient to increase and maintain the pressure throughout the cooking.
• Stop the ongoing process, open the lid and add a sufficient quantity of water. Restart the recipe or re-heat manually.
• Our tip: When cooking rice and other foods susceptible to high water absorption during cooking, check the instructions on the food packaging carefully and add the minimum amount of water required for cooking under pressure (up to 200ml for maximum quantity/long cooking time).
Your ball cover might be incorrectly attached.
Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover and check that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing a locked padlock.

If the problem persists after this check, take your product to one of our approved repair services.
Your ball cover might be incorrectly attached.
Let the product cool down completely, then remove the metal cover and check that the vertical marker on the ball cover is opposite the icon showing a locked padlock.

If the problem persists after this check, take your product to one of our approved repair services.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
• This is normal, the odour will disappear completely after a few uses.
• Be sure to thoroughly clean the items listed in the instructions: cooking vessel, metal lid, before re-using your appliance.
• All the recipes are available on the brand website.
• There is no recipe book.