• Durable: Mirror-polished stainless steel; dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 10 years*
  • Practical: Simplify cooking with deeper pans, stainless steel lids and more
  • Innovative: Cook confidently with Thermo-Signal™ technology
  • Versatile: Use in the oven, on the hob, and even in the dishwasher
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Elegant, stylish and ultra-durable range in stainless steel for superior cooking experience.

Take cooking to the next level with the new Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cook’s Classics range. Expertly crafted from stainless steel, this premium cookware is designed for a lifetime of professional-style home cooking. The stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, stains and shocks, easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, and is guaranteed for 10 years*, ensuring lasting performance in the kitchen. On top, we’ve added our superior non-stick coating infused with titanium for enhanced durability (excludes stewpot and saucepans), easy clean-up, and extreme scratch resistance – even when using metal utensils. For peace of mind, the coating is completely toxin-free*. We’ve made these pans 10mm deeper† to suit a broader range of culinary uses, and added internal measurements to saucepans and stewpots, so you can gauge quantities inside. Close-fitting, stainless-steel lids on saucepans to help retain moisture and nutrients. Plus, they’re flat for easy storage. And riveted stainless-steel handles with silicone inserts provide a secure grip and more comfortable cooking experience. To really up your cooking game, the non-stick coating pans (excluding stewpot and saucepans) feature our new Thermo-Signal™ technology: when the hourglass disappears, the pan is at the optimal cooking temperature. And with extra-thick Thermo-Fusion™+ bases, this cookware heats quickly and evenly on all hobs, even induction. For added versatility, you can use this range in the oven‡. Better still, it’s dishwasher-safe§. Did we also mention it’s guaranteed for 10 years‖? Happy days!

*0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium; stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations; no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings; no migration at a level of 0.005 mg/kg †Versus the Jamie Oliver by Tefal Premium Stainless Steel range ‡ Oven-safe up to 210C (or 250C for shallow pan/stewpot); §Handwashing recommended to preserve the life of the pan ‖This Tefal guarantee does not affect the statutory rights a consumer may have or those rights that cannot be excluded or limited, nor rights against the retailer from which the consumer purchased the product

  • Stylish stainless-steel

    Stylish stainless steel is perfect for hob-to-table dining, as it looks as good as it cooks. Not only is the pan non-stick, it's super-durable, taking any knocks in its stride, and making cooking even more enjoyable

  • Flawless searing

    Thermo-Signal™ heat indicator – hourglass disappears when pan is at the optimal cooking temperature

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  • Secure grip

    Riveted stainless-steel handles with silicone insert for a secure and comfortable grip

  • Non-toxic*

    Cadmium-, PFOA- and lead-free non-stick coating for safe cooking

  • Compatible cookware

    Thermo-fusion™ integral technology creates an even heat for more efficient cooking

  • Versatile

    Pans are oven compatible up to 210°C and 410°F (up to 250°C for stewpot and shallow pan), offering maximum versatility

  • Deeper shape

    The pan’s deeper shape opens up the range of dishes you can make in it 

  • Superior non-stick

    Superior titanium-infused non-stick coating for enhanced durability; metal utensil-safe and easy to clean

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