MASTERSEAL GLASS FOOD STORAGE 3L Premium 4-in-1 glass food storage container range: cook, serve, store and transport!

• Ovenproof (up to 420C) crystal-clear containers – go from oven to table and save on washing up
• Freshness seal in lid prevents germs and is 100% leakproof for safe storage and transportation
• Certified BPA free and suitable for baby food; dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly
• Guaranteed for 30 years

Reference: K3010612

One container. Every stage of cooking.

Dirty fewer dishes with MasterSeal Glass Fresh Box: the premium 4-in-1 glass food storage container range by Tefal. Each MasterSeal Glass Fresh Box is built from extra temperature, colour and odour-resistant borosilicate glass – which means they’re oven safe up to 420C, and they won’t absorb what’s been cooking inside. Go straight from oven to table: the crystal-clear glass makes beautiful tableware, ideal for showcasing your dishes. Any leftovers can stay inside and go straight in the fridge, thanks to the unique freshness seal built into the lid. This clever lid seal leaves no gaps for germs or odours to get in, so your food stays fresh for longer*. It’s 100% leakproof too, so you can take your food with you without risk of spillages in your bag. Each MasterSeal Glass Fresh Box is made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials and is certified safe for baby food. They’re also dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning, microwaveable (just remove the lid first) and freezer safe. Built to last, each MasterSeal Glass Fresh Box is guaranteed for 30 years. • Durable cookware: Made from extra temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, MasterSeal Glass Fresh box is ovenproof up to 420C without risk of cracking. • Smart serving: These high-quality, crystal-clear glass containers make fine tableware. So, you can go straight from oven to table and save on your washing up! • Simple storing: Keep any leftovers inside the box. The unique freshness seal and lid attach firmly to one another, leaving no gaps for germs or odours to get in. So, food stays fresh for longer*. • Trouble-free transporting: Thanks to the unique lid seal, MasterSeal Fresh Box is 100% leakproof. Take your food with you knowing it won’t spill over your belongings. • Safe and sound: For peace of mind, each box is certified BPA free and baby food safe, and has a 30-year guarantee. And, for convenience, the boxes are dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly.
  • Oven to tableware

    Cook and serve in crystal-clear, temperature, colour and odour-resistant glass

  • Sanitary storage

    Gap-free seal forms a germ and odour barrier, keeping food fresh for longer

  • Trouble-free transport

    100% leakproof design avoids any accidental spillages on the go

  • Chemical free

    Made using BPA-free materials only and certified baby food safe

  • Quality assured

    Built to last, each box has a 30-year guarantee

  • Convenient

    Dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly


Cold Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Heat Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Freezer safe    
Watertight No  
Microwave Compatibility    
Dishwasher safe    
Number of independent parts 2  
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