1.5 L isothermal jug black K3043214

1.5 L isothermal jug black K3043214
Isothermal jug in stylish stainless steel for everyday use at home
Thanks to its elegant and slender shape, you will be able to use it at home for all occasions.
Pleasant and non-stick control thanks to the soft touch handle. Allows you to serve individual portions with great precision.
For use with just one hand thanks to the 100% air-tight and drip free Quick Tip closing system.
Contemporary design
Elegant and slender shape - Strong and space-saving storage.
High-quality double-walled insulation that ensures perfect conservation up to 12 hours for hot and 24 hours for cold.
Strong - Stainless steel double-walled insulation.

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A trendy and easy to use vacuum jug suitable for any occasion

The elegantly designed Tefal Soft Grip Jug not only looks stylish, but it’s built for function too. Underneath its stainless-steel exterior are three thermal liners, which help to keep drinks hot for up to 12-hours and cold for 24-hours. The inner two-layers are stainless-steel and neutral in taste, preventing unwanted flavours transferring to the drink inside thus helping to provide optimum taste and aroma. The final vacuum-layer helps to provide optimum temperature retention. Pouring this 1.5L jug one-handed couldn’t be easier thanks to the soft grip handle and also Tefal’s Quick Tip feature, while it’s convenient Drip-Catcher and 100% leak-proof guarantee stop any unpleasant spills happening along the way. For peace of mind the Soft Grip Jug comes with a five-year guarantee.

  • Exceptional heat retention thanks to it’s double stainless stainless-steel wall – drinks stay hot for up to 12-hours and cold for up to 24-hours.
  • Pour one-handed with ease, thanks to the Quick Tip design and convenient Drip-Catcher.
  • For peace of mind the Soft Grip Jug is 100% leak-proof and comes complete with a five-year guarantee.

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