Bearing screw SS-989848

Bearing screw SS-989848
For the meat mincer.
Bearing screw to be fitted between the mincer body and the mincer's endless screw.

Designed for meat mincers :
- Bolognese ME207
- Hv10 ME850
- Hv2 ME203, ME204, ME205, ME206, ME208, ME209, ME211, NE205, NE210
- Hv4 ME4001, ME4011, ME403, ME405, ME406, ME4101, ME4111, ME4131, ME415, ME416, ME420, ME421, ME428, ME430, ME440, ME442, ME452, ME454, ME456, ME458, NE410, NE411, NE445, NE448, NE458
- Hv6 ADR7
- Hv6 Kulbit ME510, ME511, ME51A
- Hv6 Mastercube ME515
- Hv8 DKA2, ME605, ME606, ME610, ME611, ME620, ME621, ME622, ME623, ME625, ME626, ME628, ME630, ME640, ME645, ME659, ME660, ME661, ME665, ME682, ME683, ME684, ME685, ME686, ME687, ME688, NE608, NE610, NE682, NE685, NE686, NE688
- Hv8 Charlotte DKA2
- Hv8 M1 DKA1
- Hv8 M2 DKA2
- Hv9 ME720, ME730, ME740

Reference : SS-989848

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