All parts and accessories needed for ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 YV970840 Air Fryer - 1.7kg / 8 Portions

This smart air fryer cooks two dishes at once, adjusts the cooking time and temperature, and even stirs for you !
  • Cook mains and sides at once for a full healthy* meal for eight people
  • Enjoy hands-free cooking and even results with automatic stirring
  • Save time thanks to nine automatic programs and faster cooking
  • Mix up meals with 300+ healthy recipes on the free My ActiFry app    

Reference : YV970840

8 accessories for ActiFry Genius XL 2in1 YV970840 Air Fryer - 1.7kg / 8 Portions

  • Anti-spill ring SS-1530000270
    Anti-spill ring SS-1530000270


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  • Cooking plate holder SS-1530000969
    Cooking plate holder SS-1530000969

    Essential for assembly

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  • Cooking plate handle SS-1530000920
    Cooking plate handle SS-1530000920

    Can be dismantled

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  • Plate SS-1530000895
    Plate SS-1530000895

    Allows you to cook a second dish at the same time

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  • Non-stick bowl ActiFry® SS-1530000899
    Non-stick bowl ActiFry® SS-1530000899

    A large capacity bowl to cook as many chips as possible!

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  • Measuring spoon SS-993213
    Measuring spoon SS-993213

    A spoon for adding the right amount of oil during the preparation of your chips.

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  • ActiFry® mixing paddle SS-1530000875
    ActiFry® mixing paddle SS-1530000875

    Removable, it can be detached for easy cleaning.

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  • Filter SS-992271
    Filter SS-992271

    A practical grille for separating small foods.

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