Accessories and spare parts for Natura Tefal

Made from 100% recycled aluminum to cook healthily and durably

  • The first bakeware range made of 100% recycled aluminium.

6 accessories for Natura

  • J0338402_moule_tarte_30cm_TH.png
    Tart tin 30 cm J0338402

    Natura: 100% recycled aluminium range!

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  • J0339702_moule_a_manque_26cm_TH.png
    26 cm Natura Springform Tin J0339702

    For cooking in a traditional oven.

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  • J0337202_moule_a_cake_26cm_TH.png
    26 cm Natura Cake Tin J0337202

    The 1st 100% recycled aluminium tin range.

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  • J0336402_moule_a_charlotte_18cm_TH.png
    18 cm Natura Charlotte Tin J0336402

    Contributes to sustainable development with an aluminium cast made entirely from recycled materials.

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  • J0338502_moule_a_quart_quarts_26cm_TH.png
    26 cm Natura Pound Cake Tin J0338502

    Internal and external non-stick coating.

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