All parts and accessories needed for CLEAN & STEAM VP7557

Perfect cleaning in half the time

Clean & Steam provides an innovative solution to make floors sparkle while saving time. Vacuum and steam hard floors at the same time – forwards and backwards.  Advanced Cyclonic Technology and dual Clean & Steam head deliver excellent dust pick-up and perfect cleaning. The result is outstanding, healthy cleaning performance that's perfectly suited to any variety of hard floor.

Reference : VP7557WO

14 accessories for CLEAN & STEAM VP7557

  • Replacement kit ZR850002
    Replacement kit ZR850002

    × 1 mop “All Floors” + × 1 mop “Hard Spot”


    The efficiency of steam for cleaning your carpets.

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  • Replacement Kit ZR005801
    Replacement Kit ZR005801

    1 Foam filter + 2 Micorfiber mops + 1 Antiscale cartridge

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  • Tank cap RS-RT900609
    Tank cap RS-RT900609

    Air-tight closing

    Stock available
  • Foam filter RS-RT900606
    Foam filter RS-RT900606

    Additional filtering

    Stock available
  • Water Tank RS-RT900608
    Water Tank RS-RT900608

    Ready to use, even for time-consuming cleaning!

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  • Base RS-RT900625
    Base RS-RT900625

    Protects your appliance

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  • Mop holder RS-2230001388
    Mop holder RS-2230001388

    Attaches under the brush

    Stock available
  • Dust compartment RS-RT900634
    Dust compartment RS-RT900634

    Easy dismantling

    Stock available
  • Suction head RS-RT900633
    Suction head RS-RT900633

    A well-designed head

    Stock available
  • RS-RT900602

    This reference is replaced by RS-2230001388

  • RS-RT900603

    This reference is replaced by ZR005801

  • RS-RT900604

    This reference is replaced by ZR005801

  • RS-RT900610

    This reference is replaced by ZR005801