Accessories and spare parts for INFINYFORCE Tefal

Tefal’s Infiny Force quite literally puts the power into your hands, making it easier than ever to prepare perfectly blended sauces.

The Infiny Force is unlike any other on the market, as its Sauce Foot attachment has a patented rotor system that allows you to emulsify sauces. It can mix and emulsify simultaneously, so you can put your own signature twist on classic vinaigrettes and mayonnaises. If you’re trying to eat healthily, the Infiny Force can help to liven up your greens — and because you are in total control of the ingredients, you can create healthier versions of your favourite sauces or dressings.

Reference : HB864140

6 accessories for INFINYFORCE

  • Whisk adapter MS-7211001258
    Whisk adapter MS-7211001258

    For attaching multifilament whisks.

    Stock available
  • Blender foot - MS-0A14434
    Blender foot - MS-0A14434

    For impeccable mixing results

    Stock available
  • Beaker  MS-4A14421
    Beaker MS-4A14421

    For preparing liquid recipes.

    Stock available
  • Stainless steel balloon whisk  MS-0A14459
    Stainless steel balloon whisk MS-0A14459

    For preparing emulsions.

    Stock available
  • Mayonnaise bowl MS-4A17006
    Mayonnaise bowl MS-4A17006

    Guaranteed success with mayonnaise foot

    Stock available
  • Mayonnaise bowl and stand XJ901901
    Mayonnaise bowl and stand XJ901901

    An indispensable everyday tool.

    Stock available