Accessories and spare parts for Kitchen Machine Compact with blender QB201140 Tefal

3.5 litre stainless steel bowl with splashguard

The Kitchen Machine Compact offers a powerful 700 W motor and high-quality metal pastry tools : a patented whisk, a dough hook and a beater. It also features a 1 L blender ideal for making soups and smoothies.

The Kitchen Machine Compact boasts an innovative planetary movement (the head of the machine and the tools rotate simultaneously for increased efficiency) guaranteeing faster mixing and ensuring all the ingredients in the bowl are mixed together thoroughly and new ingredients are fully-integrated quickly and effortlessly. There are 4 speed positions and a pulse setting meaning delicate cake mixtures can be combined with control to guarantee the perfect consistency.

Reference : QB201140

7 accessories for Kitchen Machine Compact with blender QB201140

  • MS-0A16471_fouet_multibrins_TH(2).png
    Stainless steel balloon whisk MS-0A16471

    For light recipes, such as mousses and cream desserts.

  • MS-0A16221_crochet_petrin_TH (2).png
    Bread Maker MS-0A16221

    For kneading all kinds of dough!

    Stock available
  • White mixer  MS-0A16473
    White mixer MS-0A16473

    For medium-thick recipes, such as cookies, shortcrust pastry, etc.

    Stock available
  • Kneading bowl lid  MS-4A16104
    Kneading bowl lid MS-4A16104

    Avoid splashing!

    Stock available
  • Complete blender bowl  MS-5A16452
    Complete blender bowl MS-5A16452

    For all liquid recipes.

    Stock available
  • Cap measuring jug MS-5867556
    Cap measuring jug MS-5867556

    2 functions: closing the lid and measuring.

    Stock available
  • Cover the blender bowl MS-0867467
    Cover the blender bowl MS-0867467

    Keeps food in the blender bowel.

    Stock available
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