Accessories and spare parts for Masterchef Gourmet QB405D40 Tefal

Your friend in the kitchen
A kitchen machine that combines power (900 watts) and performance allowing you to make all kinds of preparations in a breeze.
Its sturdy pastry kit along with its planetary motion guarantees the best results.

With a plethora of accessories, you can make a variety of liquid and solid preparations.
Main features :
- 4.5L stainless steel bowl
- 6 speeds + pulse
- 900 W power

Reference : QB405D40

24 accessories for Masterchef Gourmet QB405D40

  • Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-0A13241
    Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-0A13241

    The stainless steel bowl for preparing up to 1.2kg of dough!

    Stock available
  • Kneading hook MS-0A13242
    Kneading hook MS-0A13242

    For delicious heavy dough recipes.

  • Balloon whisk MS-0A13243
    Balloon whisk MS-0A13243

    For making light sauces.

    Stock available
  • Mixer MS-0A13244
    Mixer MS-0A13244

    For making all your light doughs.

    Stock available
  • Measuring jug MS-0A13250
    Measuring jug MS-0A13250

    Easily measure your recipes using this cap.

  • Blender jug lid MS-0A13251
    Blender jug lid MS-0A13251

    An indispensable mixing bowl lid for your Kitchen Machine.

    Stock available
  • White reducer MS-0A13260
    White reducer MS-0A13260

    An indispensable reducer for your Kitchen Machine food processor.

    Stock available
  • Mincer pusher MS-0A13270
    Mincer pusher MS-0A13270

    Push meat into the mincer with ease using this pusher.

    Stock available
  • Mincer tray MS-0A13271
    Mincer tray MS-0A13271

    Put the meat on this mincer tray.

    Stock available
  • Body + feed screw MS-0A13272
    Body + feed screw MS-0A13272

    An indispensable nut for your food processor mincer.

  • Large - hole screen MS-0A13273
    Large - hole screen MS-0A13273

    For coarse mincing, use this grille!

  • Small - hole screen MS-0A13277
    Small - hole screen MS-0A13277

    A grille with small holes for finely mincing meat.

  • Juice extractor pusher MS-0A13280
    Juice extractor pusher MS-0A13280

    A trendy pusher to help you cook!

    Stock available
  • Juice extractor lid MS-0A13281
    Juice extractor lid MS-0A13281

    Indispensable lid and pusher for the Kitchen Machine.

    Stock available
  • White filter MS-0A13282
    White filter MS-0A13282

    Cook with ease using this basket filter.

    Stock available
  • White bowl MS-0A13283
    White bowl MS-0A13283

    Collect the pulp using this white bowl.

    Stock available
  • Juice extractor spout MS-0A13285
    Juice extractor spout MS-0A13285

    An ideal nozzle for your centrifuge!

    Stock available
  • Grater body + pusher MS-0A13300
    Grater body + pusher MS-0A13300

    A grater with a pusher for easier grating!

  • Slicing cone MS-0A13301
    Slicing cone MS-0A13301

    Slice tomato or cucumber beautifully using this slicing cone.

  • Coarse grating cone MS-0A13302
    Coarse grating cone MS-0A13302

    Grate your parmesan or comté cheese with this cone for thick grating.

  • Fine grating cone MS-0A13303
    Fine grating cone MS-0A13303

    Nothing will be impossible for you; grate carrots, potatoes and other food with this cone for fine grating.

  • XF633B38_meat_mincer_TH.png
    Meat mincer XF633B38

    Ideal for your minced meat recipes

    Stock available
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