Accessories and spare parts for Express + MB755D40 Tefal

In modern colours
Fresh Express + allows you to grate and slice very easily, without cluttering your kitchen.
With 5 different drums, you can choose to grate or slice your fruits, vegetables, cheese, chocolates, etc. finely orthickly according to your preference!
You can insert large pieces of food through its wide feed tube (diameter 4.7 cm).
Compact, stable and ergonomic, it features a smart storage for accessories and the power cord. Its accessories are dishwasher-safe

Reference : MB755D40

11 accessories for Express + MB755D40

  • Red coarse grating cone SS-193076
    Red coarse grating cone SS-193076

    Easily slice your potatoes with this thick cone.

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  • Green thin slicing cone SS-193079
    Green thin slicing cone SS-193079

    This cone finely slices vegetables, apples and gruyère.

    Stock available
  • Pusher SS-193756
    Pusher SS-193756

    This pusher will be of valuable assistance when putting food into your mincer.

    Stock available
  • Drum holder SS-193757
    Drum holder SS-193757

    Separate the mincer blocks using the mincer body.

    Stock available
  • Medium grating drum SS-193758
    Medium grating drum SS-193758

    Grate your food into medium sized chunks using this grating cone.

    Stock available
  • Ripple slicing drum (vichy drum) SS-193759
    Ripple slicing drum (vichy drum) SS-193759

    Make beautiful Vichy carrots with this specially designed cone.

    Stock available
  • Lid SS-193760
    Lid SS-193760

    Makes it possible to store all your accessories.

    Stock available
  • XF921501_TH.png
    Potato grating drum XF921501

    For potato based recipes

    Stock available
  • Yellow grating cone XF921301
    Yellow grating cone XF921301

    For grating hazelnuts, dried bread etc...

    Stock available
  • XF921201_cone_emincer_TH.png
    Green thick slicing cone XF921201

    Even slices for gratin dauphinois!

    Stock available
  • Orange cone for thin grating XF921001
    Orange cone for thin grating XF921001

    For carrots, Gruyère cheese or chocolate!

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