All parts and accessories needed for Ultrablend

Ultrablend ultra high speed blender goes beyond blending: it pulverizes to unleash more nutrients for a better bio-availability and gets the real strength of your fruits and vegetables. Featuring Tripl'Ax® Pro technology's 6 blades and driven by a powerful motor, UltraBlend reaches incredible levels of smoothness every time. In addition, its 4 automatic programs and manual control provide an endless range of recipes.

With the UltraBlend ultra high speed blender, get even more out of your fruits and vegetables and unleash your super you.

Reference : BL935E40

5 accessories for Ultrablend

  • Pestle MS-0678603
    Pestle MS-0678603

    No food can resist it.

    Stock available
  • Cap MS-650671
    Cap MS-650671

    May be removed when the appliance is in use.

    Stock available
  • Blender bowl MS-650670
    Blender bowl MS-650670

    Useful capacity: 2 L.

    Stock available
  • Lid and seal for blender bowl MS-651421
    Lid and seal for blender bowl MS-651421

    Only for manufacture after the 6th week of 2018*

    Stock available
  • Lid seal for blender bowl MS-651362
    Lid seal for blender bowl MS-651362

    Only adaptable with lid MS-651421

    Stock available