All parts and accessories needed for ClipsoMinut' Perfect

Reference : P4620733

9 accessories for ClipsoMinut' Perfect

  • Steam basket holder 792691
    Steam basket holder 792691

    For use with the steam basket

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  • Removable timer X1060007
    Removable timer X1060007

    Cooking timed to perfection!

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  • Seal 4 4,5 6 L, diam 220 mm X1010008
    Seal 4 4,5 6 L, diam 220 mm X1010008

    Replace at least once per year!

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  • Perforated rigid basket 792185
    Perforated rigid basket 792185

    A rigid steaming basket to hold all your food.

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  • Valve SS-1530000298
    Valve SS-1530000298

    Regulates steam output

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  • Steam basket holder SS-790374
    Steam basket holder SS-790374

    Item no longer available to order

  • Timer SS-1530000234
    Timer SS-1530000234

    This reference is replaced by X1060007

  • Perforated rigid basket SS-980426
    Perforated rigid basket SS-980426

    This reference is replaced by 792185

  • Seal cover SS-1530000331
    Seal cover SS-1530000331

    This reference is replaced by X1010008