Telescopic tube RS-RT9087

Telescopic tube RS-RT9087
An adjustable telescopic tube for easy cleaning.
Telescopic tube RS-RT9087 designed for vacuum cleaner:
- MO112
- Accessimo MO152, MO1541
- Boogy CEG2, CEGA, CEGC
- Booly MO101, MO102, RO151, RO152
- City Space MO242, MO243, MO244, MO260, MO261, MO264, MO266, RO242, RO243, RO244, RO245, RO246, RO261, RO264, RO266, TW242, TW261, TW264
- City Space Cyclonic MO251, MO252, MO253, MO254, MO255, MO271, MO272, MO273, MO275, RO252, RO254, RO256, RO271, RO272, RO275, TW252, TW271, TW275
- Compact Power MO392, MO395, MO396, MO398, RO392, RO394, RO395, RO396, RO398, RO399, TW390, TW392, TW393, TW395, TW396, TW398, TW399
- Compact Power Cyclonic MO371, MO372, MO373, MO374, MO375, MO376, MO377, MO378, RO371, RO372, RO373, RO374, RO375, RO376, RO378, RO379, RO482, RO485, RO487, RO488, RP372, TW371, TW372, TW373, TW375, TW377, TW378, TW379, TW488
- Compact Power Cyclonic XXL RO481, RO482, RO485, TW485, TW487
- Compacteo MO1521, MO1523, MO1526, MO1533, MO1536, MO1545, MO1555, MO1565, RO171, RO172, RO173, RO175, RO176
- Compacteo Cyclonic MO452, MO453, MO454, MO458, RO342, RO3449, RO346, RO348
- Compacteo Ergo MO522, MO5221, MO523, MO524, MO5244, MO525, MO526, MO5263, RO522, RO5227, RO523, RO524, RO5244, RO525, RO5255, RO526, RO5260, RO527, RO5271, RO528, RO529, RO5295, TW524, TW529
- Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic MO532, MO5335, MO534, MO5345, MO535, MO5350, MO5370, MO538, MO5380, MO539, MO5390, RO532, RO5320, RO533, RO534, RO5342, RO5349, RO535, RO5353, RO537, RO538, RO539, RO5396, TW535, TW537, TW539
- Compacteo Upgrade RO176, RO177, RO178, RO179
- Gimini CEP2, CEP3, CEP4, RO132, RO133
- Manea RO2011, RO2026
- Mini Space MO182, RO182, RO185, TW185
- Mini Space Cyclonic MO332, RO332, RO334, TW332
- Power Space MO212, RO212, RO213, RO214, RO2141, RO232, RO233, RO234, RO236
- Power XXL RO312, RO314, RO315, RO317, RO318, TW313, TW315, TW317, TW318
- Swift Power Cyclonic MO291, MO292, MO293, RO291, RO293, RO295, RO298, TW291, TW292, TW294, TW297
- Triton MO112
- Zelio MO400, MO401, MO4010, MO4011, MO4015, MO402, MO4023

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