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Breakfast accessories at great prices

Breakfast accessories at the best prices. Find all of the our current promotions here on a selection of parts and accessories: coffee filter holders, crumb tray drawers, bags and other kettle anti-scaling filters at low prices.

5 accessories for Breakfast accessories on sale

  • Claris filter cartridge XH500104
    Claris filter cartridge XH500104

    Healthier and tastier drinking water with the Claris filtering cartridge!

    Stock available
  • Removable crumb trays SS-986697
    Removable crumb trays SS-986697

    Crumb tray to easily clean your toaster

    Stock available
  • Crumb tray black SS-188990
    Crumb tray black SS-188990

    Stays clean

    Stock available
  • SS-188037 drawer and black handle
    SS-188037 drawer and black handle

    Tasty toast and a clean work surface

    Stock available
  • Crumb tray black SS-187570
    Crumb tray black SS-187570

    Collects crumbs

    Stock available