5 great reasons
to go for the brand new Actifry® Genius

*more than 10 million of ActiFry products sold worldwide since 2007 under Seb, Tefal, T-fal, OBH Nordica and Arno brands

Be a genius

  • Eat healthy, use 99% less added fat* when you fry.
  • Satisfy the whole family with the huge 1.7kg capacity.
  • Cook Smarter with 9 automatic settings that adjust stirring and temp for dishes from fries to desserts.
  • Save time, the 1-meal-in-1-go setting lets you do one pot cooking with one press of a button.
  • Never run out of ideas with over 300 delicous and healthy recipes available in the MyActiFry app.
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*Cooking of 1.5kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 2cl of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2.2L of oil

Spin Class

We've launched our Spin Class and we're ditching the pedals for the paddle and serving up healthy versions of tasty classics.

Taste one new
healthy fried recipe every day

9 intelligent cooking programs for endless possibilities of healthy frying, from starters to desserts!


A one-step program with gentle stirring to provide irresistible fries, crispy outside, tender inside.

Nuggets & breaded snacks

A two-step program that starts with soft cooking to preserve the inside softness and finishes with stirring to guarantee crunchy results.

Donuts & battered snacks

A two-step program with constant temperature to cook delicious sweet and savory donuts.

Spring rolls & samossas

A two-step program that starts without stirring to perfectly cook the ingredients and ends with gentle stirring to get the perfect color.

Meat & Vegetable balls

A two-step program that begins with gentle cooking and finishes with a higher temperature.


A one-step program with stirring from beginning to end to get a soft chicken inside, crunchy outside.


A two-step program that enables to prepare a complete wok at the touch of a button. It automatically adjusts the temperature, time and stirring to provide the right level of cooking to each ingredient.

World cuisine

A three-step program that allows to prepare a complete meal at the touch of a button and cook simultaneously different ingredients, including, meat, fish and vegetables.


A two-step program that enables to prepare delicious desserts, from cakes to fruits and even crumble and granola.


Actifry® genius' innovation:
one meal one go

Discover two one-touch meal menus to prepare a delicious complete dish in just one step, with all the ingredients cooked simultaneously at the right temperature. No need to cook vegetables and meat separately anymore.

Never run out of inspiration
With actifry app


From traditional homemade chips to chicken nuggets, stir-fried vegetables to prawn spring rolls…

ActiFry offers endless possibilities of healthy and tasty meals great for any course.


Get exclusive recipes & tips
to eat healthier* all year long

The summer body you want
and the fried food you crave.

- Available in September-
Dive into the new school year with full energy.

- Available in November -
Make your kids love veggies.

*With 99% less added fat. Cooking of 1kg of fresh fries at 55% weight loss with 1,4cl of oil vs traditionnal deep frying with 2L

Get perfect results
every time

With its exclusive Dual Motion technology, Actifry Genius guarantees even cooking results for perfectly fried meals without any effort.

ActiFry’s unique technology:

  • Combination of hot air and gentle paddle
  • Even cooking results
  • Delicious results, crispy outside and tender inside
  • No need to shake or monitor

Actifry® is made for you?

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