Tefal ActiFryDay Challenge

Friday Night Fatty Fad Gets a Health Kick!
Are you up for the ActiFryDay challenge?

A recent report, commissioned by Tefal, asked 2,000 people to share their takeaway habits. It revealed that Brits are consuming well over half a billion takeaways each year! Based on the nation's favourite takeaway dishes, this suggests we could collectively be feasting on more than 12,00 tonnes of saturated fat from takeaways each year!

Healthier takeaway alternatives

To help fight this fatty fad, Tefal has launched its ActiFryDay challenge, showing Brits easy ways to swap their Friday night takeaway for healthier alternatives utilising the ActiFry® healthy fryer.

Azmina Govinji - Nutrition Expert

Azmina Govinji

(Expert Nutrition Consultant and Author)

"Most of us know takeaways contain fat, but sometimes we forget how high these levels are.

Taking up the challenge is a great way of balancing the foods you love with healthier alternatives."


A Tikka Masala with just 1g of fat per portion

Cooking a delicious Tikka Masala in Tefal's ActiFry, reduces the saturated fat content from 17.4g in a typical takeaway portion to just 1g per portion.

Dominik Pytel - Marketing Manager of Kitchen Electrics

Dominik Pytel

(Marketing Manager of Kitchen Electrics)

"The ActiFryDay challenge will ensure that you can have your Friday treat without the guilt or calories.

What's more, the ActiFry recipe book and app will mean you can replicate your favourite takeaway dishes in a healthy and convenient way."


Find the right ActiFry® for you

ActiFry 1kg

ActiFry® 1kg

ActiFry Plus 1.2kg

ActiFry® Plus 1.2kg

ActiFry Express

ActiFry® Express

ActiFry 2 in 1

ActiFry® 2 in 1

ActiFry Mini

ActiFry® Mini

Why is ActiFry® the UK's number 1 fryer?

  • The healthy way to fry.

  • Unique patented technology.

  • ActiFry® allows you to cook not only chips but other meals.

  • Any oil can be used including olive oil and rapeseed oil.

  • No preheating required ready to use when you are.

Recipes... so much more than just chips!

Chicken tikka masala
Chicken Tikka Masala
Ready in 45 mins
Chicken tikka masala
Healthy Lamb Kebab
Ready in 35 mins
Chinese Beef & Vegetables
Chinese Beef & Vegetables
Ready in 30 mins
Classic Fish & Chips
Classic Fish & Chips
Ready in 60 mins
Sweet & Sour Pork
Sweet & Sour Pork
Ready in 35 mins