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Tefal Air Force Extreme Lithium

Air Force Extreme Lithium is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that delivers optimal cleaning results at an outstanding level of convenience. An ultra-modern cleaning tool featuring a DELTA suction head with a high-speed power brush, lithium-ion battery, and highly efficient cyclonic technology.


Sister to the 25V Tefal Air Force Extreme, the 18V TY8841.HH Air Force Extreme packs a powerful cleaning punch. The unique triangular-shaped Delta Vision head gets right into corners, while LED headlights show up dirt for a truly extreme clean. The ultra-slim, low-profile handle and rectangular flexible hose make it easy to vacuum under low furniture; whether beneath the sofa or under kitchen cupboards, dust can't escape. But the real force behind the entire Tefal Floor Care range is Advanced Cyclonic Technology: providing true air/dust separation, this traps up to 99.98% of dust particles inside the dust container for long-lasting cleaning results. The high-speed 6200 rpm power brush with three settings ('min', 'medium' and 'turbo') ensures optimum dust pick-up on every surface. Meanwhile, the long-lasting 3.6V Lithium-ion battery charges fully in just six hours, so it's always ready to go. With a running time of up to 45 minutes – just 10 minutes shorter than the 25V model – it's ideal for short or long cleaning sessions and the handy runtime indicator tells you when it's time to top up. At only 3.21kg, it's really easy to move around. It's even got the same easy-empty, washable 0.5L dust container for hassle-free maintenance.    

(1) Compared to a canister vacuum cleaner RO59XX from the same manufacturer. Test of dust pick up on hard flat floors carried out by an independent laboratory.

  • The first cordless handstick cleaner with illuminated triangular head.


    Air Force Extreme Lithium is perfect for active and demanding consumers looking for convenience on a daily basis.

  • Efficient Delta Vision head leaves no crumb unturned

    It has an ultra-slim, low-profile handle and super-flexible rectangular hose which make getting under low furniture like wardrobes and cupboards a breeze.

    Several veins built into the head provide suction from the sides as well as the front, for true edge-to-edge dust pick-up. Meanwhile, the motorised high-speed power brush boasts 6200 rpm to pull up pesky animal hair with ease. Three settings – 'min', 'medium' or 'turbo' – let you adjust the speed to suit your floor type, whether that's laminate tiles or deep-pile carpet.

  • True air/dust separation means no loss of suction power

    When a conventional vacuum fills up with dust, it loses suction power. As a result, the longer you spend cleaning your home, the less effective your vacuum will be. Good news: thanks to its Advanced Cyclonic Technology, the TY8841.HH Air Force Extreme maintains cleaning performance over time – no matter how full the dust container is.

    Advanced Cyclonic Technology is Tefal's powerful and patented air/dust separator. This spins dirty air at a high speed, separating larger dust particles from the airstream and trapping them directly in the dust container below. Next, this cleaner air goes through a filter to make sure even the finest dust particles are removed.

    Clean and healthy air is blown back into the room, while 99.98% of dust particles are captured securely inside the dust container. No matter how full its dust container gets, the TY8841.HH Air Force Extreme doesn't clog. So whether you vacuum for five minutes or 45, you'll experience the same outstanding suction power.

  • Delta vision


    Equipped with LED lighting to track dust under low furniture and hard-to-reach areas. 
    Unlike standard vacuum cleaners, both the 18V and 25V Tefal Air Force Extreme models feature unique Delta Vision. This ultra-efficient triangular head picks up dust from those hard-to-reach corners. LED headlights shine on any dust lurking in the shadows, leaving no crumb unturned.

  • Always available



    Smart and fast charge: the Lithium-ion battery charges fully in just six hours. A three-light runtime indicator ('full', 'medium' and 'low') tells you when it's time to recharge, ensuring it's always ready to use.


  • Ideal for short or long sessions


    TY8841HH runs for up to 45 minutes between charges on 'min' setting – just 10 minutes shorter than the 25V model. So it's ideal for quick touch-ups or longer cleaning sessions.


Cordless handstick category Dedicated handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Universal motor  
Power speed position 3  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 18V  
Running time (min position) Up to 45 min  
Recharging time 6h max  
Recharging type Jack plug  
Running time indicator 3  
Suction Head shape Delta  
Suction Head name Ultra Slim Delta Head  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Brush bar cleaning system    
Dust container capacity 0.5  L
Filtration Foam filter  
Parking position    
Sound Level 80  dB(A)
Loop handle    
Format Compact  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 250 x 284 x 1200  mm
Weight 3.21  kg
Colours Blue lagoon  

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