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Tefal Air Force Extreme Lithium

Air Force Extreme Lithium is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that delivers optimal cleaning results at an outstanding level of convenience. An ultra-modern cleaning tool featuring a DELTA suction head with a high-speed power brush, lithium-ion battery, and highly efficient cyclonic technology.


Tefal TY8865.HO Air Force Extreme offers the best cleaning performance of all Tefal cordless vacuum cleaners. Its ultra-efficient Delta Vision triangular-shaped head gets right up to walls, while LED headlights show up dirt in dark corners. The ultra-slim, low-profile handle and rectangular flexible hose make getting under low furniture easy – dust has nowhere to hide. But what makes this vacuum cleaner so powerful is Advanced Cyclonic Technology: Tefal's patented air/dust separator forces dust particles out of the airstream, trapping up to 99.98% of them inside the dust container for a cleaning performance that lasts. With 25V of suction power, it's one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners available, while its high-speed (6200 rpm) power brush with three speed settings adjusts to suit every floor type. It's powered by a 3.6V Lithium-ion battery which charges fully in just six hours and offers 55 minutes of cleaning time – ideal for quick touch-ups or longer sessions in larger homes. And, when it's time to recharge, the handy runtime indicator lets you know. At less than 3.3kg, it's really easy to manoeuvre, and the large 0.5L removable dust container is simple to empty: just hold it over a bin and push the button to release the contents.

(1) Compared to a canister vacuum cleaner RO59XX from the same manufacturer. Test of dust pick up on hard flat floors made by an independent laboratory.

  • Industry's first Delta Vision head - dust has nowhere to hide.  

    Air Force Extreme Lithium is perfect for active and demanding consumers looking for convenience on a daily basis.

  • Industry's first triangular head with headlights for an efficient clean and optimum visibility


    The Tefal Air Force Extreme is equipped with unique Delta Vision. The efficient triangular-shaped head gets right up to skirting boards and into those awkward corners. The ultra-slim, low-profile handle design and rectangular ultra-flexible hose allow for easy access under low furniture – whether beneath the sofa or under kitchen cupboards, no dust is safe! And, to be absolutely certain every last crumb is picked up, there are LED highlights to illuminate dust that might otherwise have escaped unnoticed.

    Multiple suction veins under the head ensure optimum dust pick-up performance from every angle. Plus, the head's high-speed (6200 rpm) power brush is equipped with three settings. So you can adjust the speed and achieve an extreme deep clean on every floor type – from hard floors to plush carpets. Simply select 'min', 'medium' or 'turbo' on the handle. Pesky crumbs and stubborn pet hair – be gone!

  • Cyclonic technology means no loss of suction power  

    Ever feel like the longer you vacuum, the less effective your vacuum cleaner is? You're not imagining it: classic vacuum filter can become clogged and this results in a loss of suction power. To combat this and maintain cleaning performance over time, the air Force Extreme has built-in Advanced Cyclonic Technology.

    Here's how it works: Tefal's patented air/dust separator spins dirty air at very high speeds, causing large dust particles to swirl out of the airstream and fall downwards, where they go directly into the dust container. The end then passes through a filter for an extra clean to remove even the smallest of dust particles, before being blown back into the room.

    Thanks to this process, 99.98% of dust particles are trapped securely inside the dust container. With the potential of clogging removed, the Air Force Extreme will always suck with the same outstanding suction power - whether the dust container is empty or full.

  • Plenty of time to clean 


    Get 55 minutes' cleaning time on 'min' setting from a single charge. That's more than double the time of some cordless vacuums, and more than enough for a really thorough clean. Even on 'turbo', it runs for 30 minutes.


  • Stay in the know



    Smart and fast charge: the 3.6V Lithium-ion battery charges fully in just six hours. The handy three-light runtime indicator shows remaining battery life – full, medium (66%) or low (33%) – so you always know when it's time to top up.


  • Delta vision: for an efficient clean and optimum visibility  

    Equipped with LED lighting to track dust under low furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

Cordless handstick category Dedicated handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Universal motor  
Power speed position 3  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 25.2V  
Running time (min position) Up to 55 min  
Recharging type Jack plug  
Running time indicator 3  
Suction Head shape Delta  
Suction Head name Ultra Slim Delta Head  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Brush bar cleaning system    
Dust container capacity 0.5  L
Filtration Foam Filter  
Parking position    
Sound Level 80  dB(A)
Loop handle    
Format Compact  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 250 x 284 x12000  mm
Weight 3.29  kg
Colours Glossy Black  

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