Anti-adhesive tank XA605011

Anti-adhesive tank XA605011 Easy to clean thanks to the pot's non-stick coating.
Removable ceramic pot is ultra-resistant to scratching.
- dishwasher compatible. 
Designed for programmable cooker:
- Cook4Me CY701
- Cookeo Bluetooth® Smart CY703
- Cookeo CE701, CE704, CE705, CE706
- Cookeo + Gourmet CE852
- Cookeo Bluetooth® Smart CE703
- Cookeo Gamay CE700
- Cookeo Usb CE702
- Cookeo+ CE851, CE85A
- Cookeo+ Connect CE855, CE856, CE857, CE859
- Cookeo+ Usb CE853

Reference: XA605011

1Eco-participation included.
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