Fine grating cone MS-650853

Fine grating cone MS-650853 Nothing will be impossible for you grate carrots, potatoes and other food with this cone for fine grating.
Metal fine grating cone suitable for grater body + pusher.
To grate carrots, potatoes, etc. finely.

Designed for kitchen machine:
- Master Perfect Gourmet KA631
- Masterchef Gourmet QA403, QA404, QA405, QA406, QA407, QA409, QA410, QA411, QA416, QA417, QA418, QA419, QA502, QA503, QA506, QA507, QA509, QA50A, QA512, QA513, QA519, QA51A, QB400, QB403, QB404, QB405, QB407, QB502, QB504, QB505, QB514, QB515
- Masterchef Gourmet + QA601, QA603, QA611, QA613, QB602, QB612, QB632
- Perfect Mix 9000 KA303, KA305
- Promix QB102

Reference: MS-650853

1Eco-participation included.
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