Jars for Cookeo x6 XA606000

Jars for Cookeo x6 XA606000 Download the free Cookeo app and discover all the verrine recipes
Six glass verrines with silicon lids, hardwearing and practical, they let you easily make both sweet and savoury verrine recipes.

For use with cooker(s):
 - Cookeo CE701, CE704, CE705, CE706
- Cookeo + Gourmet CE852
- Cookeo Bluetooth® Smart CE703, CY703
- Cookeo Gamay CE700
- Cookeo Touch CE901, CE902
- Cookeo Usb CE702
- Cookeo+ CE851, CE85A
- Cookeo+ Connect CE855, CE856, CE857, CE859
- Cookeo+ Usb CE853

Reference: XA606000

1Eco-participation included.
Instructions & Manual