Measuring cap MS-0A11425

Measuring cap MS-0A11425 Cap for closing your Faciclic blender.
Measuring cap to be placed on the lid of the blender jar.

Designed for blender:
- Blendforce BL435, BL436, BL438, KB435, LM430, LM434, LM435, LM436, LM437, LM438, LM43Q
- Blendforce Glass BL310, BL311
- Blendforce Maxiglass BL233
- Blendforce+ BL435
- Equinox BL315
- Faciclic LM310
- Faciclic Blendforce BL312, BL317, LM310
- Faciclic Glass LM310, LM316
- Faciclic Maxi LM233, LM234
- Glass BL310, BL313, LM313
- Poivre & Sel BL233
- Super Blender LM255

Reference: MS-0A11425

1Eco-participation included.
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