Measuring cap MS-5A07212

Measuring cap MS-5A07212 Practical for adding ingredients during preparation!
Measuring cap for closing the lid for the blender bowl.
To add ingredients while blending, remove the measuring cap and add the ingredients through the feeder hole.

Designed for food processors :
- Kaleo 600 Blender FP4011
- Kaleo 600 Blender Vitamines FP4021
- Kaleo Blender Vitamines FP4025
- Kaleo Pro 600 Blender Vitamines FP4031
- La Moulinette DP705, DP706, MF705
- La Moulinette XXL DP805, DP806, MF805
- La Picadora DP705
- Masterchef 8000 DO660, FP645, FP648, FP650, FP651, FP652, FP653, FP654, FP655, FP656, FP657, FP658, FP659, FP65Y, FP660, FP661, FP662, FP663, FP664
- Masterchef 9000 FP902, FP903
- Odacio 3 FP721, FP723, FP725, FP726
- Store'Inn - 2L DO202, DO203, DO205, DO208, DO250
- Store'Inn - 2L Jamie Oliver DO25X
- Store'Inn - 3L DO302E, DO303, DO350
- Store'Inn Successor FP324
- Store'Inn Successor - 2L DO222
- Store'Inn Successor - 3L DO321, DO322, FP323
- Vitacompact DO622, DO624, DO626, FP622, FP624, FP626
- Vitacompact 3L FP411, FP412, FP413, FP414, FP415, FP41E

Reference: MS-5A07212

1Eco-participation included.
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