Measuring jug MS-651349

Measuring jug MS-651349 Easily measure your recipes using this cap.
Measuring cup that can be fitted on the lid of the mixer bowl. It is can removed to add food during the preparation.
Designed for kitchen machine food processor(s):
- Masterchef Gourmet QA400, QA401, QA402, QA403, QA404, QA405, QA406, QA407, QA408, QA410, QA411, QA416, QA417, QA418, QA419, QA502, QA503, QA508, QA509, QA50A, QA512, QA513, QA518, QA519, QA51A, QA538, QB400, QB403, QB404, QB405, QB407, QB408, QB502, QB504, QB505, QB508, QB514, QB515, QB538
- Promix QB102

Reference: MS-651349

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