TEFAL Pro Express X-Pert GV8975

Pro Express X-Pert GV8975 Impeccable ironing.
The Pro Express steam generator, thanks to its 5 automatic programmes, offers a perfect combination of steam and temperature, suited to each type of material.
- steam output 120 g/min
- unlimited autonomy
- 6.5 bar pressure
- steam shot feature: Power Zone 360 g/min
- anti-limescale system: anti-limescale rod to collect the limescale in the tank and limit the risks of scaling.

Pro Express X-Pert, professional precision for great ironing at your fingertips!

Take a close look at Pro Express X-Pert, a powerful steam generator that works great with all types of fabric, thanks to its 5 specific steam and temperature combinations. Switch to easy, modern ironing!

The benefits of steam:
  • High pressure: up to 6.5 bars for efficient steam penetration into the fabric.
  • Steam output: shoots up to 120g/min.
  • Power zone: max 360g/min - ideal for heavy fabrics.
  • Removable 1.8L water tank for long ironing sessions.

Packed with smart features:

  • AQUABOOST VAPORIZER, for instant removal of the most stubborn creases:
    • 3x more efficient than a regular spray.
    • Easy to operate, via its electronic switch.
  • Long-lasting new ANTI-CALC COLLECTOR:
    • 2x more scale collected, for even better results.
    • Keeps scale trapped, however long your ironing session.
  • New anti-calc collector: keeps scale trapped even while moving the station! Collects even ultra thin particles

  • 6.5-bar steam pressure for efficient steam penetration into the fabric.Up to 360 g/mn steam output, ideal for ironing heavy fabrics

  • The perfect temperature and steam combination for each fabric

  • Micro-droplet aqua-boost vaporizer: pressurised (3 bar) micro-droplet water spray to remove unwanted creases.

Features & Product Comparison
Power 2400  W
2400  W
Steam output 120  g/min
120  g/min
120  g/min
Steam boost 360  g/min
310  g/min
High pressure boiler    
Steam pressure 6,5  bar
6  bar
6  bar
Vertical Steam    
Heat up time 02  min
02  min
02  min
Soleplate Technology Autoclean  
Glideability of soleplate *****  
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance *****  
Precision Tip    
Concentrated Steam boost at tip of soleplate    
Continuous steam diffusion Tip, side and heart  
Tip, side and heart  
Tip, side and heart  
Comfort Handle    
Stable rest hill    
Water tank capacity 1,6  L
1,6  L
1,6  L
Water tank Removable  
Empty tank detector    
Continuous refilling    
Eco Mode    
Power cord length 1,8  m
1,8  m
Power cord rewinder    
Cord Storage Power cord and steam cord  
Power cord and steam cord  
Power cord and steam cord  
Anti scale function Rinsing system  
Rinsing system  
Rinsing system  
Scale collector    
Scale alert    
Colours Blue  
Light Blue  
Dark Blue  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
These functions means that your steam generator is fitted with an electronic regulation which offers you the perfect temperature and steam combination allowing you to iron all your ironable fabrics without risk and without having to sort them.
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