TEFAL Kitchen Machine White

Kitchen Machine White The powerful easy to use Kitchen Machine that comes with shredder and blender attachments!

Uses Tefal's planetary movement system, for even and consistent mixing!
High quality metal pastry tools. 6 Speed positions and a pulse setting to handle a huge range of jobs. 4.6L Stainless Steel bowl. 1.5L Blender attachment to make great smoothies, soups and milkshakes.

Great for baking and so much more!

The Tefal Kitchen Machine is the perfect accessory to help create a wide range of delicious recipes.
Sleek, sturdy and incredibly versatile - this is the perfect way to make all those time-consuming food preparation jobs quick and painless.

The white finish will impress in any kitchen and thanks to the powerful 900-watt motor and heavy-duty accessories it gives you premium performance at an affordable price.

With 6 speed positions and a pulse setting you can handle a huge range of jobs, from fluffing up a meringue to mixing a heavy fruit cake mix, with the control and precision you need to ensure first-rate results.

One of the main feature is the innovative planetary movement that sees the head of the machine and the tools rotate simultaneously for increased efficiency, ensuring all the ingredients in the bowl are brought together thoroughly while new ingredients are fully-integrated, quickly and effortlessly.

The Tefal Kitchen Machine includes a 4.6-litre stainless steel bowl with handles and a splashguard but also a full range of accessories. It also includes a free recipe book containing delicious recipe suggestions.

Accessories included Die-cast beater Large for consistent mixing, to prepare all kinds of light dough (waffles, pancakes…) and create perfect cakes without effort. The heavy duty dough hook is ideal for bread making, as well as lighter dough such as pizza.

Its improved S shape guarantees more air incorporated into the mixture. This helps dough to rise better, for lighter and fluffier bread.

The metal multi-wire whisk is perfect for raising light and airy soft peaks or whipped cream quickly, even in small quantities. You can also prepare different kinds of sauces such as mayonnaise. Shredder, slicer and grating accessories work directly in a salad bowl for ease of cleaning and use.

The 1.5-litre blender attachment is ideal for making delicious soups, smoothies, milkshakes or even cocktails.

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    High quality pastry tools for effortless preparations

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    Superior mixing thanks to the dual mixing movement with simultaneous rotating head and attachments.

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    6 speed positions and a pulse setting enables you to combine delicate cake mixtures with control to guarantee the exact consistency of your preparation.

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    Versatile, also includes: 1.5l blender and shredder, slicer & grater accessories.

Power 900  W
Speed settings 6  
Pulse function    
Number of functions 5  
Type of functions Whisk, Beat, Knead, Shred/Slice, Blend  
Planetary movement    
Bread dough 0.8  kg
Cake dough 1.8  kg
Bowl total capacity 4.6  L
Bowl material Brushed stainless steel  
Blender Yes  
Blender total capacity 1.5  L
Blender Bowl material Plastic  
Shredder slicer functions Thin/thick shred, slice  
Beater Yes  
Dough Hook Yes  
Whisk Flex Whisk  
Extra bowl No  
Accessories to buy    
Cord Storage    
Number of recipes 25  
Recipe book    
Colours White/Dark grey  
Guarantee 1 YEAR  

Frequent questions
A Kitchen Machine works differently from a Food Processor as the tools used for mixing are suspended from an overhead arm into the food, whereas with a Food Processor, the mixing tools operate from underneath the ingredients. A Kitchen Machine is primarily for mixing dough and cake mixtures. A Food Processor can do these jobs but not with the efficiency of a kitchen machine. If you are planning on making cakes you should consider how much you will be doing this job. If it is going to be a common occurrence then a Kitchen Machine would be a better choice. It is worth taking note of the fact that a Food Processor is far smaller than a Kitchen Machine.
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