Steam Irons

Ideal for quick ironing sessions, steam irons have a built-in water tank. Go for a traditional corded iron or break free with an innovative cordless model. When choosing the best steam irons for your needs, always consider scale maintenance. Hard water means scale is a real issue in the UK, so it's good to know that all Tefal steam irons have a scale solution. Some even feature our patented Scale Collector which captures 10 x more scale particles[1] for effortless crease removal.

[1] Versus a standard Tefal iron – Tefal internal testing, November 2016

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For those of you who dislike ironing and iron as little as possible, check out our essential range of steam irons.
  • Comfort Glide FV2650 Steam Iron
    Comfort Glide FV2650 Steam Iron

    Ultra powerful, a fast glide by Tefal

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  • Maestro FV3770
    Maestro FV3770

    Breeze through your ironing in comfort!

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  • Maestro FV3781 Steam Iron
    Maestro FV3781 Steam Iron

    The powerful steam iron that will help you speed through your laundry pile in comfort

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  • Ultraglide FV2677 Steam Iron
    Ultraglide FV2677 Steam Iron

    Powerful and Fast Glide 

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  • Access FV1544 Steam Iron
    Access FV1544 Steam Iron

    All included for easy ironing

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