Accessories and spare parts for Filtra One FF162140 deep fryer Tefal

Exclusive oil filtration makes frying easy !

With Tefal Filtra One, filter your oil in one single action!

 With Filtra One, prepare up to 1.2 Kg of perfectly crispy, homemade French fries for everyone! This deep-fryer features exclusive and patented oil filtration that makes Filtra One so unique. After every frying, you can remove the crumbs and frying remnants in one single action.


Reference : FF162140

5 accessories for Filtra One FF162140 deep fryer

  • Lid seal SS-991462
    Lid seal SS-991462

    A more hermetic lid, thanks to this gasket!

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  • Frying basket SS-991463
    Frying basket SS-991463

    Make 1.2kg of fresh chips or 900g of frozen chips.

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  • Frying basket handle SS-993370
    Frying basket handle SS-993370

    The handle makes it possible for you to handle the basket absolutely safely!

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  • Metal sieve handle SS-993385
    Metal sieve handle SS-993385

    Heat protection

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  • Oil filter SS-993386
    Oil filter SS-993386

    Purify your oil with this filter and sieve.

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