Accessories and spare parts for Secure 5 Pressure Cooker 6L Tefal

No compromise on safety at an accessible price with this stainless steel pressure cooker

  • Large 6L capacity allows you to cook for 4-6 people at a time.
  • Two cooking programs, one for vegetables and one for meat, poultry, fish and frozen food.
  • 5 Safety devices for use without any risk, they include safe opening, safe closing, pressure controlled valve, safety valve and safe gasket

Reference : P2500731

5 accessories for Secure 5 Pressure Cooker 6L

  • X9010101_joint_secure_TH.png
    Gasket SS-981055 X9010101

    For completely even cooking, you will need this pressure cooker gasket.

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  • Short pot handle SS-980957
    Short pot handle SS-980957

    A round handle

    Stock available
  • Long pot handle SS-980958
    Long pot handle SS-980958

    Long and easy to maintain

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  • Perforated rigid basket 792185
    Perforated rigid basket 792185

    A rigid steaming basket to hold all your food.

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  • Steam basket holder 792691
    Steam basket holder 792691

    For use with the steam basket

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