TEFAL Tefal Select Grill GC740B40 Electric Health Grill, Stainless steel, 2000W, 4-6 portions

Tefal Select Grill GC740B40 Electric Health Grill, Stainless steel, 2000W, 4-6 portions Select your meat doneness, for restaurant-quality grilling results at home
  • Produce perfectly rare, medium and well-done meat – from juicy steaks to succulent chicken.
  • Thickness sensor technology and digital screen with automatic countdown allows you to select your cooking level preference.
  • 3 automatic programs – Red Meat, Burger and Chicken – adjusts the cooking time and temperature for perfectly grilled food.
  • Manual mode with adjustable temperature and time allows you to take control, grilling all your favourite meats and vegetables.
  • High-performance, die-cast aluminum cooking plates and drip tray are removable and dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze!

Reference: GC740B40

Select your preference, indulge in grilled favourites

Looking for a simple solution to produce restaurant-quality grilling results? Thanks to the Tefal Select Grill, under and overcooked meat is a thing of the past! Featuring an Automatic Cooking Sensor which measures the thickness of your food, this intelligent grill adapts the cooking time and temperature accordingly to produce perfect results for all tastes. Say goodbye to constantly monitoring your food and questioning whether it’s fully cooked; simply select the programme and desired cooking level, and let the digital screen countdown until your meat is cooked to perfection. Three automatic programs - Red Meat, Chicken and Burger - adapts the cooking cycle to perfectly grill your ingredients, whilst a manual mode lets you set the temperature for all your grilled favourites. Whether it’s succulent steaks, tender fish or juicy vegetables you’re after, this versatile grill caters for all. For an added health benefit, the high-performance cooking plates are inclined by 3°, allowing fatty juices to drain away from your food and straight into the removable drip tray. Not only does this powerful 2000W grill have a large cooking surface (600 cm²), providing enough food for 6 portions, the die-cast aluminium cooking plates are removable and dishwasher safe, making tidying up a breeze!   Perfect grilling results every time; an automatic thickness sensor and digital countdown ensures your meat is perfectly rare, medium or well-done.   Stress-free grilling – simply select your desired programme and cooking level, and let the Select Grill do the work for you. 3 automatic cooking programs adjust the cooking time and temperature for perfectly cooked Red Meat, Chicken and Burgers. Manual mode gives you time and temperature control for endless cooking variety. Non-stick, removable, dishwasher-safe plates and drip tray for quality grilling and easy cleaning.
  • Restaurant-quality results

    Automatic sensor measures the thickness of your meat and cooks it accordingly

  • Stress-free

    Cooking level selection process and digital countdown provides minimal hassle and monitoring

  • Versatile

    3 automatic programmes and a manual mode allow you to cook all your grilled favourites. 

  • Powerful

    2000W of power for perfectly seared and juicy food.

  • Fuss-free cleaning

    Non-stick and dishwasher-safe parts for easy clean-up

Frequent questions
Before cleaning your grill, wait around 45 minutes while the device cools. To remove heavy food residue on the grill plates or on the side, we recommend you use a wooden or plastic spatula. To clean the grill and grill components, use a cloth soaked in hot water. Do not immerse the grill in water. Do not use abbrasive cleaning products or products containing alcohol or fuel since these may damage the device.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
This may be due to improper cleaning of the cooking plates.
We recommend that you pre-wash your cooking plates in the following manner before putting them in the dishwasher to remove any food residue:
- Soak the plates in hot water and degreasing dish soap for about 30 minutes,
- Scrub both sides of the plate with a sponge or a dish brush, hot water and degreasing dish soap,
- Rinse,
- Put in the dishwasher.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.