TEFAL All-in-One CY505 Electric Pressure Cooker – 6L / Hinged Lid

All-in-One CY505 Electric Pressure Cooker – 6L / Hinged Lid
Make delicious, nutritious meals faster and easier with this Tefal pressure cooker
  • Time-saving pressure cooker with 25 one-touch programs for tasty meals in minutes
  • Manual mode to cook your own recipe, plus recipe booklet for culinary inspiration
  • Separate pressure release button to safely release built-up steam
  • Hinged lid for safety and convenience, 6L bowl in a space-saving design, plus dishwasher-safe parts


Slow cook, fast cook, steam, bake and more – all in one!

Prepare delicious, nutritious family meals quickly and easily with All-in-One: Tefal's automatic pressure cooker. Cooking with pressurised steam, All-in-One cooks food faster than conventional methods, while preserving its nutrients and natural flavours, for healthy and tasty meals in minutes. 25 one-touch programs make cooking simple: you can pressure cook (low/medium/high), slow cook (up to 9 hours), steam, brown, simmer, reheat and bake. It also has specific recipe functions for rice, porridge, baby food or stew/soup. The DIY Chef mode lets you adjust the cooking time and temperature manually to create your own recipe. Or follow one of 30 unique recipes in the recipe booklet included, from a hearty chili con carne to a creamy curry – you can even make cakes! Delayed Start lets you delay the cooking process by up to 24 hours; why not set it in the morning to have dinner ready for when you get home? All-in-One even keeps food warm until you're ready to eat! For convenience, the lid is hinged. So, you can add ingredients or serve food without setting the lid down and dirtying your worktop. During cooking, the lid is completely sealed and locked for safety. Sleek and compact, All-in-One won't take up much space, while its 6L capacity means there's plenty of food to go around. It also comes with a steam basket, trivet, measuring cup and spatula, all dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

  • Time saving: All-in-One reduces the time it takes to cook your favourite dishes. There's no need to keep an eye on it, leaving you free to enjoy the company of your friends and family.
  • Easy to use: Create delicious meals quickly and easily at the touch of a button. With 25 one-touch automatic programs, All-in-One makes cooking simple.
  • Customisable: DIY Chef mode lets you set the cooking time and temperature to suit your own recipe. Need inspiration? All-in-One comes with a recipe booklet of 30 unique recipes.
  • Flexible: With a convenient Delayed Start option (between 2 and 24 hours) and automatic Keep Warm function (up to 24 hours), All-in-One fits around your busy schedule.
  • Safe and convenient: All-in-One has an easy-to-use hinged lid that seals and locks for safety during cooking, a 6L capacity in a space-saving design, plus dishwasher-safe parts for fuss-free cleaning.
  • Easy to use

    25 one-touch automatic programs for simple cooking

  • Custom cooking

    Manual mode to set the cooking time and temperature, and create your own recipes

  • Culinary inspiration

    Includes recipe booklet with 30 unique recipes for meat, fish, soup – even desserts

  • Ready when you are

    Automatic Keep Warm function to keep food warm for up to 24 hours

  • Convenient

    Easy-to-use hinged lid seals and locks during cooking for safety

  • Time saving

    Pressure cooking reduces the cooking time for delicious meals in minutes

  • Flexible friend

    Delay cooking by 2 to 24 hours to suit your schedule

  • Fuss-free cleaning

    Dishwasher-safe steam basket, trivet, measuring cup and spatula

  • Repairable for 10 years

    Designed for low-cost, easy repair for 10 years; fast delivery of parts to 6500 repair centres worldwide

Recipes Using This Product
Power 1200  W
Control panel LED  
Pressure cooking    
Keep warm    
Adjustable temperature    
Delayed start    
DIY Chef setting    
Bowl capacity 6  L
Bowl thickness 1.8  mm
Removable bowl    
Removable Cord    
Safety device for overpression    
Dishwasher safe    

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