Tefal Extra

Tefal’s everyday non-stick, long-lasting cookware range with Thermo-Spot®
  • New generation Thermo-Spot® tells you when pan is at optimum cooking temperature for perfect cooking
  • Powerglide anti-scratch, non-stick coating for long-lasting performance and easy clean-up
  • Durabase offers even heat distribution and is suitable for use on both gas and electric hobs
  • Comfort-grip ovenproof Bakelite handles, lightweight design and pouring edge for added convenience

The effortless way to achieve delicious results, every day

Tefal Extra is our everyday non-stick cookware range designed to help you prepare delicious meals with ease. No more under or overcooking your food: our iconic Thermo-Spot® heat indicator turns solid red to let you know your pan is at the ideal temperature (between 180-200°C), so you cook every meal to perfection. Your food will glide off thanks to the non-stick Powerglide coating. Reinforced with mineral particles, this ultra-resistant coating protects against scratches too, so you can be sure your pans will last. The PTFE exterior means they’re non-stick on the outside too, so they’re incredibly easy to clean – either by hand or in the dishwasher. Durabase technology ensures even heat distribution (no ‘hot spots’), and is compatible with gas and electric hobs. Made of lightweight aluminium with comfort-grip Bakelite handles, these pans are ideal for everyday use. Plus, the handles won’t burn in the oven (up to 175°C, Gas Mark 4, 350°F for an hour) – so you can start cooking on the hob and finish in the oven. For that ‘extra’ touch, there’s even a handy pouring edge for drip-free serving.

  • Perfect results: New Thermo-Spot® turns solid red to let you know the pan is at the ideal cooking temperature, guaranteeing the perfect flavour, texture and colour every time you cook.
  • Long-lasting performance: Powerglide non-stick coating with lifetime guarantee ensures food won’t stick. Reinforced with mineral particles, it protects against scratches for lasting cooking performance.
  • Easy cleaning: Non-stick inside and out, these pans are effortless to clean with a sponge and are dishwasher safe too.
  • Gas and electric friendly: The Durabase ensures even heat distribution for evenly cooked meals, and is suitable for use on both gas and electric hobs.
  • Convenient: Made of lightweight aluminium, the Tefal Extra range is easy to use for everyday cooking.
  • Comfort grip: Bakelite handles ensure comfortable, easy handling. Plus, they’re oven safe up to 175°C for an hour – so you can start cooking dishes on the hob and finish them off in the oven.
  • Easy serving: The handy pouring edge allows for easy, drip-free serving.
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    Perfect cooking

    Heat indicator turns solid red when pan reaches the ideal cooking temperature, guaranteeing perfect results, every time

  • r-extra-b2.jpg

    Long lasting

    Non-stick, anti-scratch coating for cooking performance that lasts

  • r-extra-b3.jpg

    Easy cleaning

    Non-stick inside and out, they’re easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher

  • r-extra-b4.jpg

    Gas and electric friendly

    Compatible with gas and electric hobs

  • r-extra-b5.jpg

    Comfort grip

    Bakelite handles for comfortable use – oven safe up to 175°C

  • r-extra-b6.jpg

    Easy serving

    Handy pouring edge for easy, drip-free serving

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