Lov Cast Iron Stewpot for robust & versatile cooking

Tefal LOV Cast Iron stewpots are perfect for one pot cooking from stews to soups the thick base, condensation lid and optimum heat retention will ensure moist & tender results. LOV cast iron is eco-designed made from 97% recycled iron and comes with a 20-year warranty. The enamel coating is durable and easy to clean. Suitable for all hobs including Induction and oven safe up to 250°C, it can go straight from hob to oven to table. Unlock your full potential with the LOV digital recipe book. Offering a variety of healthy and hearty recipes, simply scan the QR code and start cooking

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Cook to your true nature with the Tefal LOV Stewpot: robust & eco-design, for healthy stews that never fail to impress

Cook to your true nature with LOV, a robust and eco-designed enameled cast iron stewpot made from 97% recovered iron** with a 20-year warranty. Thanks to its lead and cadmium-free clean pigments*, you can now cook flavorsome stews that are safe for the whole family. Healthy recipes are within reach thanks to the stewpot’s condensation lid and optimum heat retention, along with the recipe e-book allowing for perfect stews all year long. Fully compatible with all hobs - from induction to the gas – and even the oven, the LOV stewpot lets you unlock your full potential.

*Stricter controls than those required by current regulations. Clean pigments means that there is no intentional addition of Pb or Cd based pigments in the coatings.

  • Robust & Eco-Design

    Made from 97% recycled iron, it's guaranteed for 20 years and comes with eco-friendly, recycled packaging

  • Clean pigments* for healthy cooking

    Cook with complete peace of mind thanks to our clean pigments that are free of lead and cadmium

  • Perfect Slow Cooking

    This cast iron cookware ensures delicious, tender results that never fail to please thanks to the condensation lid that even distributes moisture across the whole cooking surface

  • Compatible with all Hobs & Ovens

    From gas to induction hobs, the Lov pots are safe on all stove tops and in ovens heated up to 250 °C for complete versatility

  • Healthy Recipe Ebook Included

    Unlock your full potential with the LOV digital recipe book. Offering a variety of healthy and hearty recipes, simply scan the QR code and start cooking

  • Perfect Design

    Available in an array of beautiful natural tones and multiple sizes, the Lov Pots are the kind of cookware you can display directly on your table

  • Sturdy Handles

    Extremely robust thanks to the integrated and sturdy handles, the Lov Pots ensure safe handling from hob to oven and table

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Free from plastic and polystyrene, the cardboard is made from 90% recycled materials and water-based ink and is 100% recyclable.

Material CAST IRON  
Oven compatibility YES, UP TO 250°C  
Dishwasher safe No  
Inside Coating/finish ENAMEL  
Inside Coating Color 1 CREAM  
Outside coating/finish GLOSSY ENAMEL  
Handle type Fixed  
Guarantee 20 YEARS  
Cooking surface Enameled cast iron  
Cooking style Healthy cooking  
Product specificity Eco design  
Removable handle No  
Instructions & Manual