TEFAL Tefal IXEO QT1020 All-in-One Iron and Garment Steamer Solution / Black & Copper

Tefal IXEO QT1020 All-in-One Iron and Garment Steamer Solution / Black & Copper The first all-in-one iron and garment steamer solution for outstanding garment care in a minute!

Look your best in no time with Tefal IXEO: the first all-in-one iron and garment steamer solution for outstanding garment care. Only IXEO has our patented three-position Smart Vertical Board with hanger hook built right in. Use it horizontally like an ironing board only with less hassle, vertically for controlled steaming with ironing results, or at a 30 incline for maximum comfort and convenience. Two times lighter than a traditional iron, the intelligent steam head is pointed for precision and has just one setting that’s safe to use on your entire wardrobe* easier and faster garment care. At 1600W, IXEO heats up in just 45 seconds – great for last-minute touch-ups. A heated soleplate combines with Turbo Steam Technology for high-efficiency results: high-power, 5-bar pressure produces a 35g/min boost, removing even tough creases in a flash. What’s more, Tefal IXEO sanitizes as it steams, removing odours and killing up to 99.9% of known bacteria in the process. The 1L water tank (removable for easy refills) gives you 40 minutes’ use and has an anti-scale cartridge for long-lasting performance. Meanwhile, the lightweight, portable base lets you steam upholstery around the home without constraint. Plus, with built-in wheels, IXEO is a cinch to move and store. Also included: a fabric brush for thick fabrics, a lint pad to remove unwanted fibres and two clips to fasten clothes to the board.

*Versus a traditional iron
**Ironable fabrics

The first all-in-one iron and garment steamer solution for outstanding garment care in a minute!

Offering a revolutionary experience with the outstanding all-in-one garment care solution, discover the Tefal IXEO iron & steamer solution, to satisfy all your garment care needs with one convenient device. High-efficiency steaming and lightweight ironing come together with a built-in three-position Smart Board that offers comfortable upright and inclined ironing with enhanced ergonomics. High-efficiency wrinkle removal is achieved through 1600W of power and Turbo Steam Technology that offers a high-power 5-bar pump pressure. Thanks to a rapid 45-second heat-up time perfect for last-minute touch-ups and the Smart Protect system, meaning a smart product with a temperature adapted to all garments with no need of settings: garment care in a flash! The easy iron head boasts a feather-light user experience, with a lightweight design at half the weight of a traditional steam iron. Enhanced features round off the perfect IXEO all-in-one iron & steamer package—all without the need of an ironing board.

by Tefal

  • Comfort and ease with built-in Smart Board

    Three upright and inclined positions with enhanced ergonomics offer greater ease and efficiency, with the ultimate convenience of a built-in design—meaning there's no longer any need of an ironing board.

  • Dependable and efficient wrinkle removal

    Steam iron heated soleplate technology, combined to Turbo Steam Technology 5-bar pump pressure, produce high-efficiency wrinkle removal with results you can count on.

  • Improved ease-of-use with new iron head

    A brand-new design offers a comfortable, lightweight ironing experience with an iron head that's half the weight of a traditional steam iron, and helps to go in all details. 

  • Convenience with results in a flash

    A rapid 45-second heat-up time means your all-in-one device is ready when you need it, to get you out the door looking your absolute best in no time.

  • Ultimate convenience thanks to removable water tank

    The generous volume of the 1 L removable water tank ensures long steaming sessions and refills that couldn't be easier.

  • Safe for all kinds of garments

    Benefit from garment care that's safe to use on your entire wardrobe, with steaming for all fabrics, even the most delicate, such as silk.

  • Flexibility and convenience with smart removable base

    For full flexibility and convenience, the portable and lightweight base allows you to refresh any time, any place, for use on curtains, furniture, and more.

  • Additional benefits: refreshes and sanitizes

    The intense power of steam kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, refreshing and removing odors as it steams, for fresh garments and perfect hygiene.

  • Convenient thanks to included accessories

    Select models include handy accessories like the fabric brush, designed for thick fabrics, and clips to fasten your garments to the built-in Smart Vertical Board.

  • Easy transportation

    Thanks to small wheels under the product, transportation is made so easy so that you can move your appliance everywhere in your home. 

Power 1600  W
Steam head Ceramic Soleplate  
Heat-up time 45  s
Adjustable pole Double  
Steam control on handle    
Hanger hook    
Water tank capacity 1  L
Auto-Off Yes  
On/Off switch Hand operated  
Water tank Removable  
Autonomy 40  min
Steam ready indicator    
Power cord storage Hook  
Detachable base    
Anti scale function Cartridge  
Scale alert    
Accessories Fabric brush  
Colours Black / Copper metal  
Steam on demand    
Heated soleplate    
Usage Vertical & Horizontal  

Frequent questions
To use the Smart Board, place your hands on each side of the board, lift it vertically and incline it according to your preference:
The IXEO tank is removable, for maximum comfort of use.
With a one-litre volume, it allows you to do short or long sessions.

With its clean design, IXEO can easily blend into your home.
Equipped with small wheels underneath its base, you can easily move it effortlessly.
However, if you wish to store the product, it can be lowered to a height of 105cm.
More compact, it can then easily be stored in a dressing room or closet.

IXEO is equipped with an anti-calc cartridge system to increase its life span.
The lifetime of your cartridge depends on the number of ironing hours per week and the hardness of the water in your area.
On average, 1 IXEO cartridge gives about 8 months of ironing.
When the cartridge reaches the end of its life, a warning light appears on the product base.
You are then advised to change the cartridge in order to continue using your device in the best conditions.
Simply remove the tank from the device, replace the existing cartridge with the new one, put your tank full of water back in.
A priming phase of about 1 minute 30 minutes is then necessary.

For more details, see the "Anti-calc" section in the user manual.
To help you assemble your IXEO, simply follow this video: