TEFAL Tefal Express Vision SV8155 Steam Generator Iron – 2800W / Black & Blue

Tefal Express Vision SV8155 Steam Generator Iron – 2800W / Black & Blue Make light work of ironing with Easy LED Vision
  • Efficient: See every crease with a helpful LED light at the iron’s tip
  • Fast: Speed through your ironing using super-powerful steam
  • Effortless: Go from denim to silk without changing any settings
  • Convenient: Simplify sessions with fuss-free descaling and an XL tank

Reference: SV8155G0

Light the way to more efficient ironing

Light your way towards a more efficient ironing experience with Express Vision, the super-powerful Tefal steam generator iron with unique Easy LED Vision light-up tip. This little light is a total game-changer. Turn it on and you’ll be able to see and smooth creases with one stroke. No need to go over the same section multiple times! The 2800W Express Vision’s exceptional steam power makes ironing quick, and the results are excellent. The generous 7-bar pump pressure produces 130g of steam a minute to banish creases in a flash, while the massive 500g boost makes light work of heavy creases. There’s no time-wasting set-up. Express Vision comes preset to the optimal combination of temperature and steam that’s safe for all fabric types*. Go from denim to silk with no setting, no burn risk, and no worries. Don’t fret about limescale clogging up your iron either. This model has a removable Scale Collector to make sure its insides stay clean, and its steam stays powerful, day after day. Just pull it out to get rid of the scale. It’s that simple. The XL 1.8L tank – bigger than a steam iron’s – lets you iron more from one fill. It’s removable too; just slide it out for a quick and easy top-up mid-session. And a clever Eco mode gives you the same impressive performance using up to 30% less energy**. Built to last, Express Vision is repairable for 15 years. *For all ironable fabrics **In Eco mode compared to normal mode

*For all ironable fabrics
**In Eco mode compared to normal mode

  • Efficient ironing

    The Easy LED Vision light lets you see every crease and smooth them in one stroke

  • Speedy sessions

    2800W, 7 bars, 130g/min continuous steam and a 500g boost produce fast results

  • No worries

    It’s preset to the optimal combination of heat and steam for quick, easy, worry-free ironing

  • Easy maintenance

    The removable Scale Collector keeps your iron working at its best and simplifies maintenance

  • Non-stop ironing

    The 1.8L water tank allows uninterrupted sessions, and is removable for fuss-free top-ups

  • Made in France

    Express Vision is made in France to uncompromising standards of craftmanship, design and manufacturing

  • Built to last

    Designed to last longer, Express Vision is repairable for 15 years after purchase

  • Energy saving

    Eco mode offers the same high performance using up to 30% less energy2

    2. In Eco mode compared to normal mode

Power 2800  W
Steam output 130  g/min
Steam boost 500  g/min
Steam pressure 7  bar
Vertical Steam    
Setting of steam & temperature No setting needed  
Heat up time 2  min
Your habits Long session of ironing  
Water tank capacity Large (> 1L)  
Steam hose length 1.80  m
Soleplate Technology durilium aiglide autoclean  
Concentrated Steam boost at tip of soleplate    
Comfort Handle    
Silence technology    
Eco Mode    
Power cord length 1.6  m
Water tank capacity 1.8  L
Water tank Removable  
Continuous refilling    
Cord Storage Power cord  
Scale collector    
Anti scale function Removable anti-scale collector  
Scale alert    
Guarantee 10 YEARS  
Frequent questions
Choose a board that is height-adjustable to adjust it to your height. It should be steady and robust so that you can place the ironing appliance on it.
The board should be perforated to allow the steam to pass through the fibres of the fabric to soften it and make ironing easier. The ironing board cover should also be suitable to allow the flow of steam through.
This function allows you to iron fabrics in situ or on a hanger.
To do this, set the iron temperature button to the maximum position.
• Leave the item on a hanger and gently pull the fabric with one hand.
• Press the steam control button intermittently and move the iron from top to bottom.
As the steam produced is very hot, it softens the fibres and removes creases.
Note: Never use the vertical steam function on an item being worn by anyone.
To avoid damaging the soleplate, follow this advice:
• Always place your iron on its heel rest or its base (depending on model).
• Avoid ironing over abrasive items (buttons, zip fastenings, etc.).
• Never clean your iron's soleplate with abrasive or metallic pads.
Shiny marks can appear on some fabrics, especially on dark coloured fabrics. We would advise ironing dark clothes inside out and using the correct temperature.
If ironing mixed-fibre fabrics, set the temperature for the most fragile fibre.
Important: The iron takes longer to cool down than to heat up. We recommend that you start with fabrics to be ironed at a low temperature.
The steam is more or less significant depending on the temperature setting of the iron. We advise you to use steam occasionally when the temperature is set low on the iron, otherwise drops of water could appear on your laundry.
The Durillium soleplate:
Regularly clean the soleplate with a damp, non metallic washing up pad. For easier, non-corrosive cleaning of your iron's soleplate, use a damp sponge on the soleplate while it is still warm.
If cleaning dirt off is an issue, use the stick which is made specifically for cleaning the Durillium soleplates.

The stainless soleplate:
Clean the soleplate of your iron when it is cool with a damp cloth or a non-abrasive sponge.

The autoclean soleplate:
It is recommended that you use a soft damp cloth on the warm soleplate, in order not to damage the surface.
Warning: The use of iron cleaner will cause damage to your soleplate's autoclean coating.
Before cleaning, ensure that the appliance is unplugged and that the soleplate and iron rest plate are cold.
Do not use any detergents or descaling products to clean the soleplate or base unit. Never hold the iron or its base unit under tap water.

• Cleaning the base unit:
Clean the plastic parts from time to time with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

• Cleaning the scale collector:
Wait until the appliance has been switched off for at least 1 hour.
Remove the scale collector by lifting and rotating the flap a quarter turn.
Rinse the scale collector under the tap and put it back on the iron.

• Self-cleaning of the soleplate (depending on model):
When the anti-calc indicator blinks, perform the steps described in this video.
It is normal. Your iron generates a lot of steam; this steam is condensing on the board. Some waterdrops could appeared underneath the ironing board and fall on the flooring.
• You are using chemical descaling products or additives in the water. You should never put these products in the water tank. If this is the case, contact an approved service centre.
• Your washing has not been rinsed sufficiently or you are ironing a new item of clothing before washing it. Ensure that you have rinsed your clothes thoroughly in order to to remove soap deposits or chemicals from new garments which could stick to the iron.
• Your iron is too hot, see our recommendations on temperature control settings in your product manual.
• You are using starch. Only spray starch on the reverse of the fabric to be ironed.
Some laundry starches and synthetic fibres may stick to the surface of the iron. Please clean the Iron's surface.
The internal parts may make metallic noises with the change in temperature. There is nothing wrong with it.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
No, it is normal to have noise and vibration when the steam is activated. The use of steam triggers the functioning of an electric pump.
If the temperature of your iron is adjustable (depending on the model), use steam occasionally when the temperature is set low on the iron.
The temperature is set too low on your iron, it does not allow you to have steam.
Yes, this is quite normal. The water flow allows the cleaning of the soleplate interior.
The self-cleaning operation of the soleplate has to be performed. Refer to the chapter "Maintenance and cleaning", "How to descale my steam generator?".
Yes, this is quite normal. The self-cleaning operation causes the electric pump to operate.
No. The two cables are separately insulated; they are protected and rigorously checked. However, if you notice that the cable is damaged, have it repaired by an approved repair centre.
This system prevents the soleplate from clogging. Its active coating eliminates fibres and impurities that often become stuck to the plate and end up reducing its glide.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.