Bring out the star baker in you

Imagine the joy of baking when every cake turns out perfectly. Welcome to the brilliant Cake Factory, by Tefal of course.

Cake Factory machine

Perfection, cake after cake after cake

5 easy-to-use intelligent baking programs


    Effortless temperature and time control; no more guesswork


    From light and fluffy cupcakes to moist, crowd-pleasing sponges, it's baking brilliance every time

Become a versatile virtuoso

Are you a one trick pony in the baking dept, struggling to break out of your sponge tin? the Cake Factory will have you making all the most popular bakes in no time


Biscoff Cheesecake

Carrot Cake Muffins

Choc Chip Cookies

Mini Christmas Cakes

Mini Lemon Meringue Pie

Penaut Butter Brownie

Red Velvet Cake

Vegan Lava Cake

Banofee Cupcake

Mini Banana Breads

One simple App: over 200 recipes and ideas

With the Cake Factory App, you'll never run out of ideas. Just follow the step-by-step guides on your smartphone and let Cake Factory do the rest. Create your own recipes and share them around.

Download on:

phone mock-up

What’s the word on the Cake Factory?

If you want to know what’s what with the Cake Factory, don’t ask us, ask everyday people. That’s what we did and here’s what they had to say.

Who's It Great For?

Easier Than An Oven?

Did The Cake Factory Give You More Confidence?

What's Best About The Cake Factory?

Have Your Friends & Family Tried The Cake Factory?

Everything you need to get baking

Comes complete with:


    Tefal Cake Factory


    Three baking moulds: 2 PROflex moulds and one baking tin


    Mould rack for consistent results every time


    Inspiring recipe booklet

a piece of cake factory

We gave our favourite bloggers some baking bamboozlers to see whether the Cake Factory made it a piece of cake for them. You can visit their blogs to see how they got on.

Alias Yummy Food

Allas Yummy Food

Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Manon Lagreve


Clever programmes for every bake

Cake Factory's intelligent programmes adjust the heat throughout the baking, so you can create bakes that amaze friends and family, or just treat yourself.

Cakes to be shared

Cakes to Share

Individual cakes

Individual Cakes

Molten cakes

Lava Cakes



Easy chocolate melting

Chocolate Melting

Manual mode

Manual Mode

So clever, so simple

Cake Factory is so much easier than oven baking. No more doubts about temperature, no preheating, no constant checking or turning. See how simple baking can be.

cake factory

cake factory




5 intelligent programs




Cooking time



(including pre-heating)




to use

Number of tasks

Number of action

  2 ( switch on / switch off )

  5 ( pre-heat / wait /
load / check / switch off )





Energy consumption kw/h

Total energy consume


  0.576 ( over six times more )

* Cooking process for 'melt-in-the-middle' cakes in the Cake Factory vs Rowenta SERIE 012-01 oven. Recommended recipe for baking process from Nestle dessert.

Take your creativity further with Tefal PROflex moulds

Discover our full range of non-stick, easy-clean platinum silicone moulds for cakes of all shapes and sizes.