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Save up to £154 a year on your energy bills! A conventional oven would have a typical running cost of £371.00 per year***
Using the Air fryer for just 50% of the time and the conventional oven for the remainder would have a typical running cost of £217.00 per year (on average)***

Easy Fry range Air Fry, Grill, Steam and Oven from Tefal UK, the Creators of Air Frying.
Save up to 70% energy with Air Fryers by Tefal

Tefal Easy Fry - Have it all

The first healthy fryers combining Air Fry, grill, steam & more by Tefal

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Save up to 70% energy

With our Easy Fry Air Fryer range you can save up to 70% energy vs a conventional oven (Energy rating Class A).

No preheating with Tefal Air Fryers

With Tefal Air Fryers there is no preheat time unlike other brands which means the appliance is only on for when you are actually cooking food, saving the amount of time the appliance is using energy.

Smaller space to heat

Air Fryers are a much smaller space to heat compared to an oven so will use less energy to cook the same items of food. But no need to compromise on capacity; with our largest Air Fryer holding 6-8 portions or a 1.6kg chicken you can still cook all the same tasty foods.

Air Fryers cook faster

Up to 50% faster cooking with Tefal Air Fryers compared to conventional ovens. up to 50% faster compared to a 2000W & 2200W model of a conventional oven (Energy rating Class A).****

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Tefal Turbo Cuisine - Simple, fast home-cooked meals

Benefits of multi pressure cookers

Did you think it was just Air Fryers that can save you time, space, energy and money? Think again! There are many benefits to switching to a multi-cooker too!

Cook faster with a pressure cooker

Looking for quick meals that are super easy to make, and save energy? Our Cook4Me pressure cooker can cook a risotto in 8 minutes all in one dish, saving you time in the kitchen as well as money on energy used.

Tenderise cheaper cuts

With a pressure cooker you can take a cheaper cut of meat and ensure that it's still juicy and tender with the power of pressure cooking, so there's no compromise on your favourite meals. Speed up the process and cook 500g of diced pork in 12 minutes in our Cook4Me pressure cooker.

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Fruit chips

Reducing food waste

Instead of throwing away fruit and veg that is starting to go past its best, why not dehydrate them in an Air Fryer; make vegetable peeling crisps or fruit chips for healthy snacks at home for you to enjoy. Or make a fruit smoothie with some crushed ice for a refreshing drink. Use your leftovers and make a delicious warming soup or broth to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Perfect Mix Guide

The Tefal app can help you find the perfect pairings for whatever you have in your fridge. Just tell the app the ingredients you want to use, and it will suggest recipes that use those ingredients, helping you find inspiration and reduce on your food waste.

Tefal T
Tefal app

Meal Prep

With the Tefal app, you can search for recipes and create shopping lists all from within the app. This can help plan your meals for the week and ensure you only buy ingredients you need and are going to use, helping you reduce your shopping bill and your food waste.

Batch Cooking

Save yourself time and money by batch cooking; prepare meals in advance so you turn on your appliances for less time saving you energy and money. Our Turbo Cuisine and Fry has an XL capacity so you can cook up to 8 portions at once - enough for you to enjoy all throughout the week.

Batch cooking
Homemade alternative milks

Make it yourself

With our Perfect Mix Cook blender you can make your own alternative milks such as soya milk using only raw, unsoaked beans and water, giving you the freedom to create as much as you are going to need as well as knowing exactly what has gone into your drink.

Make meals go further

Bulk out your meals and make them go further by using our manual chopper to chop vegetables into smaller pieces and adding them to dishes. It's also a great way to help you and your family get your 5-a-day.

Manual chopper in use

Save energy during tea time

Tefal SmartnLight kettle and toaster

Only boil what you need

When boiling the kettle, only fill it for as many cups as you need to avoid wasting water and energy by boiling water you are not going to use

Select appropriate temperature

Instead of wasting energy to boil your kettle to 100°C everytime, with our SmartnLight kettle you can choose specific temperatures to boil your water to so whether you enjoy green tea at 80°C or coffee at 90°C you are only using energy you need.

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More tips to save energy, money & time

Boiling vegetables in a pot with a lid


Yes, putting a lid on your pots and pans while cooking help keep the heat in, for faster cooking and boiling, and therefore less energy consumption.

On/off switch

Turn appliances off when not in use

Some appliances may have a standby mode, but this can still use a small amount of energy. To ensure no electricity is being used, turn appliances off at the plug or unplug from the wall socket.

Tefal appliances

Choose an appropriate appliance each time

For maximum efficiency, make sure you select the right appliance for the food type, portion size and length of cooking time needed.

Frost symbol

Defrost food before cooking

Fully defrosting food before cooking can reduce the amount of energy and time required to cook it as this will reduce the cooking time - although we recommend checking packaging carefully as this may not be suitable for all food types. This doesn't mean you can't still cook great foods from frozen like chips or fish fingers!

* vs conventional oven Energy Class A. Tests conducted in 2022 on frozen fries.

** Applicable to Turbo Cuisine CY75 & CY77 and Cook4Me CY85 & CY91

***Air frying cost saving based on cost of electricity £0.34 - per kWh​ According to the Energy Saving Trust, the national average price (as of October 2022) per pence/kWh of electricity is £0.34.​
Testing and calculations based on average operational times of a conventional oven in the home where the air fryer replaces half the operational hours of the conventional oven.​

****Internal tests for food products to FSA cooking standards. Tests conducted between September 2022 to March 2023.