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Quick and simple

  • Lose the creases and the ironing board.
  • Gentle care. Won’t burn or scorch.
  • Heats up fast.
Garment Steamer
Ironed Skirt
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Sharpen your style

  • Delicate fabrics are a breeze.
  • Keeps garments looking sharp.
  • Wear what you want.
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Go beyond creases

  • Steaming removes odour between washes.
  • Cares for fabrics. Get more life out of your garments.
  • Refresh fabrics around the home. Kills up to 99.9% bacteria.
Tefal Garment Steamers

A Garment Steamer to suit your style.

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The Perfect Steamer for you

Are you a fabric perfectionist, or just want to stop wearing such a creasy shirt? We’ve got a Garment Steamer for you.

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A Steamer Vs Traditional Iron

What’s right for you?

Tefal Garment Steamers

A Garment Steamer to suit your style.

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Maintain your style on the go

Maintain your style on the go

Handheld garment steamers are compact and portable, perfect for making sure you look great when you’re travelling on business or heading to a big event.

Save time and the planet

Save time and the planet

Not only do garment steamers heat up in a matter of seconds, they can save huge amounts of water through doing less wash cycles and reducing use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Sanitise with Tefal clothes steamers

Sanitise 99.99% virus bacteria and germs

With the natural power of steam and no harsh chemicals, our clothes steamers can sanitise your favourite outfits in a flash or even textiles around the home like curtains, plus children's toys and pet beds.

Killing 99.9% viruses, bacteria and germs* with ease, even the COVID-19 virus.

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Pure Tex

Four smart actions in one quick, easy Garment Steamer

exclusive multi pad system



    As well as making your outfits smart and fresh, Pure Tex lets you sanitise them effectively, quickly and easily too. The natural power of steam kills 99.9% viruses, bacteria and germs*.

or Upright

Find out what’s right for you.

Handheld garment steamer

Compact and easy to store or travel with, handheld steamers are ideal for a sharp looking outfit ready for the day ahead.

Tefal Garment Steamers

A Garment Steamer to suit your style.

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*Viruses: External tests, Sept. 2020, on BCoV-1 and Murine Norovirus on cotton fabric. Bacteria & germs: External tests on Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonae, Escherichia coli. Under careful condition of use.