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why OptiGrill?

Rare or well done, or somewhere in between? However you like your salmon, steak and veggies, this grill does it all.

no more guessswork

Six automatic programmes to make grilling simple. So you can focus on nailing those Grill Skills.

witness the thickness

The automatic sensor adapts to the thickness of the meat, salmon or veg, adjust the grill time.

light it up

A LED cooking indicator guides you through your grilling, so big tasting results are a pretty much done deal.

versa grillity

It's not all about the meat, the oh-so-versatile OptiGrill lets you mix it up so you can take your grill game to the next level. See for yourself.

Thick it to me

Streaky bacon or a thick cut beef? Whatever you cook, the automatic thickness sensor gets rid of the guesswork.

a brighter way to grill

The colourful LED indicator guides you through from rare to well-done.

we got skills

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Tefal OptiGrill

You are what you meat

How do you like yours? Take the guesswork out of grilling with our LED cooking indicator.


& rare


all medium
no tedium

well done

not hum-drum

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Show off Your Grill Skills

Meat Beats

We've put together a meaty playlist with some prime cuts, so you can get into the groove as you get your grill on. Listen now
on Spotify

OptiGrill Beef Tefal Meat Beats - Spotify