Versatile food storage container range lets you carry food safely and eat on the go    

• Food storage container with clever inserts to keep food items separate
• Freshness seal in lid prevents germs and odours; 100% leakproof for safe transportation
• Certified BPA free and baby food safe; dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly
• Made in Germany and guaranteed for 30 years

100% mobile. 100% hygienic. 100% leakproof.

Carry a variety of foods safely and eat on the go with MasterSeal To Go Box: Tefal’s versatile range of food storage containers. Whether it’s salad, brunch, lunch or a snack, there’s a MasterSeal To Go Box to suit. Clever inserts, compartments keep food items like toppings and dressings separate until it’s time to eat*. Four clip fasteners on the lid make for secure closing and easy opening. The lid also has a non-removable freshness seal; this leaves no gaps for germs or odours to get in, so your food stays fresh for longer. It’s 100% leakproof too, so you can carry your food in your bag without risk of spills. For peace of mind, each MasterSeal To Go Box is made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials and is certified safe for storing baby food. For convenience, you can use them in the dishwasher, microwave (just take the lid off first) and even the freezer – they’re frost resistant so food won’t spoil, while the lid’s transparent allowing you to see what you’re looking for. Made in Germany and built to last, each box has a 30-year guarantee. *Features are product dependent

*Features are product dependent

  • Clever compartments

    Multiple inserts and extra plate for eating

  • Trouble-free transport

    100% leakproof design avoids any accidental spillages on the go

  • Chemical Free

    Made using BPA-free materials only and certified baby food safe

  • Convenient

    Dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly

  • Quality assured

    Made in Germany and built to last, each box has a 30-year guarantee

Cold Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Heat Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Freezer safe    
Watertight Yes  
Microwave Compatibility    
Dishwasher safe    

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