Anti-calc valve CS-00121764

Anti-calc valve CS-00121764
Removes limescale
Your iron is equipped with an integrated anti-limescale system. The advantages of this system are:
- better quality of ironing due to consistent steam output,
- consistent iron performance

Designed for steam irons:
- Aquaspeed FV532, FV533, FV5331, FV5333, FV535, FV537, FV538, FV539, FV551
- Aquaspeed Autoclean FV5331, FV535, FV537
- Aquaspeed Autoclean Successeur FV535, FV537
- Aquaspeed Precision FV551, FV552, FV553, FV554
- Aquaspeed Successeur FV534

Reference : CS-00121764

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