Beaker 800 ml MS-4946320

Beaker 800 ml MS-4946320
The indispensable utensil for preparing all sauces!
The 800 ml graduated bowl is ideal for preparing all liquid preparations.

Designed for hand blenders :
- Click And Mix DD802, DD803
- Click And Mix 450 DD500, DD5011, HB600
- Click And Mix 600 DD7001, DD701, DD7011, DD7021, HB8011, HB8021
- Click And Mix 700 HB804
- Click And Mix 800 DD902
- Faciclick DDH1, DDH2, DDH3, DDH4, DDH5, DDH6
- Hapto DD407, DD408, DD409, DD410, DD411, DD413, HB412
- Hapto Click And Mix DD404, DD405, DD406, HB440, HB450, HB460, HB470
- Infinyforce HB865
- Masterclick
- Opticlick 2 ABD4, ABD8
- Opticlick 2 / Mini Hachoir
- Opticlick 2 Combi
- Opticlick 2 Duomix ABE1
- Opticlick 2 Electronique
- Opticlick 2 Robot Marie
- Opticlick 2 Special
- Opticlick Pro ABD4, ABD8
- Opticlick Pro Combi
- Opticlick Pro Duomix ABE1
- Opticlick Pro Robot Marie ABD6
- Optiproclick Pro ABD4
- Oveo DD300, DD301, DD302, DD303, DD306, DD307, SL302
- Oveo - Click And Mix DD305
- Oveo Mayonnaise Success DD310
- Performa DD30A, DD30B
- Power Mix Classic Plus F750
- Pro Mix Classic Plus F750
- Pro Mix Duo Classic
- Pro Mix Duo Electronic
- Pro Mix Duo Electronic Silver F761
- Pro Mix Duo Silver
- Pro Mix Electronic Silver F761
- Pro Mix Silver Plus F751
- Simply Invent HB303
- Simply Invents HB300, HB301, HB302
- Simply Invents Performa HB300, HB302
- Spiralio ADG2, ADG3
- Spiralio Duo ADG4
- Turbomix AR32
- Turbomix 2 Metal AR34
- Turbomix Plus DD100, DD101, DD102, DD103, DD104, DD105, DD107, DDJ20, DDJ24, DDJ4, DDJ5, DDJ601, HB100, HB101, HB102, HB10A
- Ultra Compact DD6001, DD6011, DD609, HB406, HB407, HB408, HB601, HB602

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Hapto HB4128A4 HB4128A4 Food preparation
ULTRA COMPACT HB406140 Food preparation
Ultra Compact HB406140 HB406140 Food preparation
Turbomix Plus HB1011A4 Hand Blender – 350W / White & Dark Grey HB1011A4 Food preparation
Turbomix hand blender HB1001A4 Food preparation