Blender washer MS-0A11393

Blender washer MS-0A11393
Blender assembly component
Designed for blender(s):
- BL300
- Blendforce BL420, BL435, BL438, BL439, KB420, KB42Q, KB435, LM420, LM425, LM42Q, LM430, LM434, LM435, LM436, LM439, LM43P, LM43Q
- Blendforce + BL44E
- Blendforce Glass BL310
- Blendforce Maxiglass BL233
- Blendforce+ BL435
- Blenforce BL300, BL305
- Equinox BL305, BL315
- Faciclic BL301, LM300, LM302, LM310, LM320
- Faciclic Blendforce BD300, BL300, BL305
- Faciclic Glass LM310
- Faciclic Maxi LM233, LM234
- Fruit Sensation BL142, LM142
- Glass BL310, BL313
- Mix & Drink BL130, BL133, LM130, LM131, LM133
- Perfect Mix 9000 KB303
- Poivre & Sel BL220, BL233
- Soleil LM355
- Uno BL220, LM220, LM221, LM222

This item is compatible with 10 product(s)

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Reference : MS-0A11393

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Designed for 10 product(s)

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Products References Categories
Tefal Blendforce II BL420140 BL420140 Food preparation
Tefal Blendforce II Glass BL435840 Food preparation
Tefal Blendforce II BL420840 BL420840 Food preparation
Uno BL2201B4 Blender - 350W / White BL2201B4 Food preparation
Blendforce Maxi BL233865 Blender - 600W / Black BL233865 Food preparation
Blendforce BL305840 Blender - 400W / Black BL305840 Food preparation
Fruit Sensation White BL142140 Food preparation
Fruit Sensation BL142A42 Food preparation
Blendforce BL305140 Blender - 400W / White BL305140 Food preparation
Faciclic BL301141 BL301141 Food preparation