Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641

Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641
The anti-limescale component of your steam generator!
Because it collects the limescale in the tank , the ANTI-CALC collector not only extends the service of life of your generator, it also keeps it working well.

Designed for the following steam generators:
- Centrale Express GV746
- Compact GV7095
- Compact Anti-Calc GV7095
- Express GV725
- Express Anti Calc GV749
- Express Anti-Calc GM725, GV725, GV726, GV735, GV745
- Express Anti-Calc Autoclean GV747
- Express Auto Control GV776
- Express Compact GV705, GV734, GV761, GV763
- Express Compact Easy Control GV761, GV763
- Express Easy Control GV755, GV756
- Express Easy Plus GV755
- Express Power Zone GV748
- Liberty Pressing DG986
- New Express Anti Calc GV749
- Power Zone GV746, GV747, GV748
- Pro Express GV832, GV833
- Pro Express Anti Calc GV832, GV834, GV836
- Pro Express Anti-Calc GV832, GV833
- Pro Express Anti-Calc Autoclean GV843
- Pro Express Total GV755
- Pro Express Turbo GV833, GV836, GV936
- Pro Express Turbo Anti Calc GV846
- Pro Express Turbo Anti-Calc GV836, GV846
- Pro Minute Anti-Calc GV860, GV870, GV880
- Pro Minute Anti-Calc Autoclean GV880
- Protect Anti-Calc GV936
- Protect Anti-Calc Autoclean GV946
- Protect Turbo Anti Calc GV946

Reference : CS-00112641

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