Cleaver + grid - A09B01

Cleaver + grid - A09B01
Easy minced meat
Stainless steel 4.7 mm screen, along with 4 blades - A09B01The screen is placed on the blade by aligning both the locking pins.

Designed for meat mincer(s)/kitchen machine(s) :
- Bolognese ME207
- Hv2 ME203, ME204, ME205, ME206, ME208, ME209, ME211, NE205, NE210
- Hv3 ADRA
- Hv3/ Access AA15, ADRA, ADRB
- Hv4 ME4001, ME4011, ME403, ME405, ME406, ME4101, ME4111, ME4131, ME415, ME416, ME420, ME421, ME428, ME430, ME440, ME442, ME452, ME454, ME456, ME458, NE410, NE411, NE445, NE448, NE458
- Hv6 ADR7
- Hv8 DKA2, ME605, ME606, ME611, ME620, ME621, ME622, ME623, ME626, ME650, ME651, ME656, ME657, ME659, ME682, ME683, ME684, ME685, NE682, NE685
- Hv8 Charlotte DKA2
- Hv8 M1 DKA1
- Hv8 M2 DKA2
- Le Hachoir 1500 ME7001, ME7011
- Le Hachoir 1700 ME7001, ME701, ME702
- Le Hachoir 1800 ME710

Reference : A09B01

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